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Design layout of waste heat power generation and water recovery system renovation of cement plant

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Waste heat power generation is a technology that USES the surplus heat energy in the production process to convert to electric energy, which not only saves energy, but also benefits environmental protection.Along with the sustainable development, circular economy, energy conservation and emission reduction and low carbon economy and other concepts put forward.

The rated power generation of the steam turbine generator of the waste heat power station of the second dry method plant of a company is 4500KW, and the current waste heat power generation per hour can reach about 4200KW, and the generated electricity is all used for self-digestion, which can meet about a quarter of the power consumption of the whole plant.

The total investment of the waste heat power station of the second dry method plant of the company is 28 million yuan, which has added tens of thousands of yuan of profit every year since it was put into operation, saving 10,740 tons of standard coal and reducing 25,800 tons of carbon dioxide.The waste heat power station will be raw water by activated carbon filter and more medium filter to reduce the water turbidity and to remove suspended impurities, purify water quality, through the reverse osmosis system to remove the particles in the water, organic matter, colloid and inorganic cation and anion impurities in water, then in addition to salt water, the way in which oxygen stripping again by physical deoxidization with boiler, via high temperature flue gas heat to superheated steam drive the steam turbine generator power generation, power of steam again after a circulating water cooling oxygen into the boiler, so forming a soda cycle.To ensure the stable operation, we need to do the every link of meticulous, but face the reality of hard water quality in the north, in order to reduce the hardness of circulating water to standard values to filling water amount, but it caused unnecessary waste of water resources, so the waste heat power plant deaerator and shoot industrial filling water tank overflow water recycled water system shown below.


Before modification:

waste heat generation


After transforming:

waste heat generation

In the transformation process, it can be seen that the industrial water that is continuously replenished in the deaerator and injection tank before the transformation is finally discharged to the sewage well after overflow, and the daily sewage volume of the deaerator, injection tank and circulation tank is about 800-1000m cubed, resulting in inevitable waste.After the transformation, this part of overflow water is recycled through the pipe into the recycling pump pit, which is then pumped to the recycling pool for reuse by the two recycling pumps controlled by the floating ball valve. Under the premise that the daily replenishment and sewage volume of the reformed deaerator, injection tank and recycling pool is about 400-600m cubed, the expected effect is achieved.The reuse water with the utilization rate of 100% is completed, which saves nearly half of the fresh water and further controls the hardness index of circulating water.

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