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The harm, reason and treatment of jaw crusher jaw cavity compaction

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As a mining equipment, jaw crusher is often used in the cement industry for the crushing of limestone, gypsum and other raw materials. Due to its safety components, elbow plates, such as broken shaft, broken jaw plate and other accidents are not easy to happen.

1. The harm of jaw crusher jaw cavity compaction

The compaction of the crushing cavity refers to the phenomenon that the full material in the crushing cavity cannot be discharged in time.Once compaction occurs in the crushing cavity, it will cause great harm. The materials that go in cannot be discharged in time. Firstly, the output decreases and the load increases.If not found in time may cause accidents.

jaw crusher

2. The main reasons for the cavity compaction are as follows:

First, in order to reduce the crushing particle size, the discharge port is adjusted too small, beyond the normal allowable adjustment range, so as to reduce the discharge capacity, resulting in the crushing of the material can not be removed in time, resulting in the cavity compaction;

Second, the material moisture appears bond, discharge adverse, material gradually accumulation and resulting in compaction;

Third, some units in order to increase production and inappropriate speed, speed increase, making the discharge time is relatively short, but the material can not be eliminated in time resulting in compaction.

Due to the phenomenon of compaction, it will increase the load, and the reaction force of the pressed material ACTS on the bearing seat and shaft through the jaw plate, which is easy to cause the bolt fracture of the jaw plate, shaft and bearing seat.

Jaw crusher jaw cavity once the phenomenon of compaction must be immediately found, or there will be accidents.


3. Jaw crusher jaw cavity compaction treatment

If it is found that the discharge port is too small, it must be adjusted to enlarge the discharge port so that the material can be discharged in time.

If the material is wet, the viscosity of the material can be reduced through the combination of dry and wet, so that the material can be discharged in time;

If the speed is too fast, the transmission speed ratio can be adjusted to reduce the speed, extend the discharging time, etc.

At the same time, it also indicates that if the crusher often appear bearing seat bolt shear, elbow plate fracture, also did not find a foreign body such as iron into the machine cavity, it should consider whether there is compaction, the treatment method is the same as above.In addition, this paper focuses on the treatment of compaction phenomenon, so other forms of damage to the crusher and the common failure of the crusher here do not repeat.

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