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Several methods to control the temperature of lime rotary kiln

Date:2019-07-23 15:25 Source:未知Views:

Lime rotary kiln is mainly used as active lime and light fired dolomite for roasting iron and steel works and ferroalloy plants.In the process of using the equipment, temperature is a very important factor, which directly affects the quality, output and energy consumption of the product, so the temperature should be tested and controlled in most cases.Three temperature control methods are introduced in this paper to facilitate users to adjust the temperature of lime rotary kiln.

1. Manually control the temperature

Manual fire watching was the earliest form of temperature control.It is mainly by experienced operators to determine the kiln temperature through various meter readings of the active lime rotary kiln, mainly by looking at the fire mirror to observe the color and shape of the flame to estimate the temperature of the firing zone, or through the meter to determine the temperature of the kiln tail exhaust gas.So as to adjust and control the temperature of kiln.At present, this method is not very accurate, and human error may occur in the operation, and it has high requirements for fire workers.

2. Contact automatic temperature measurement control

Contact automatic temperature measurement is a kind of traditional way, in the active lime rotary kiln axis need to measure the position, insert the radial temperature sensing element, direct measurement of temperature, the electrical signals by means of the slip ring fixed in the kiln body and external leads to brush system, slip ring and brush system is specially designed to adapt to the kiln body rotation, the advantage of this approach is measured signals can be directly and truthfully reflect the furnace temperature, measuring method is simple, less investment.But sometimes there may be lead out signal bad, bad contact and so on.

3. Non-contact automatic temperature measurement control

Automatic temperature measurement technology can measure the surface temperature of kiln body through non-contact thermometer, scanning measurement system of kiln body temperature, etc., take out the measurement signal by the measuring device and send it to the computer, and then analyze the temperature in the kiln by software.It can also use the state recognition system of the image features of the burning flame, that is, the visual detection system can get the image of the flame for pre-processing, segmentation, feature extraction and recognition, and indirectly get the temperature of the rotary kiln.It is an advanced fire observation and temperature measurement device at present, which replaces the traditional fire observation workers' regulation of temperature by experience, but at present, the temperature control method cannot be controlled for the complex situation of large smoke and dust, low visibility in the kiln.


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