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How to deal with serious circle formation in rotary kiln?

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Ring formation of rotary kiln is the ring adhesion phenomenon of burden in inner wall of rotary kiln in high temperature zone.Slight adhesion phenomenon is called kiln skin, if the occurrence of adhesion, affect the normal operation of the furnace, that is called ring.

1. The harm of ring formation

The "ring" location of rotary kiln is usually on the refractory kiln lining near the concentrated combustion point of solid fuel at a certain distance from the kiln mouth, with a thickness of about 200 ~ 500 mm.The harm of "ring knot" to rotary kiln production is as follows:

(1) reduce output and increase labor intensity

Poor air permeability, flame does not enter, low rear temperature, dry water is not easy to remove, lime burst, powder serious, low rate of finished products, thereby reducing labor productivity.In addition, after the formation of the ring knot, if not timely treatment, will make the longitudinal length of the ring, the thickness of the increase, when the ring fell, will inevitably increase the labor intensity of workers, sometimes even need to stop processing, also affect the output of the rotary kiln.

(2) increased the load of equipment

The material amount of resistance is much higher than normal, and the weight of the ring itself will inevitably increase the wear of the supporting wheel and bearing, and at the same time, increase the load of the motor, and even burn out.

(3) waste of energy

In the actual fire operation, when the "ring" phenomenon occurs, because the hot air flow is blocked, in order to ensure the drying and preheating effect of the preheater, the pyrotechnics often increase the amount of coal, which undoubtedly causes energy waste.

2. Processing method

To reduce or eliminate ring phenomenon, in the production of the first is to take measures to prevent the ring, namely the right operation method, stability shoes, make the material thickness is appropriate, to ensure the effect of drying, preheating, reduce the number of lime burst and pulverization, at the same time, the control of feed coal, shoulds not be too big, keep the temperature in the range of the low avoid slag phase.

After the formation of the ring, it must be treated in time, otherwise the kiln wall will be widened and thickened, which will increase the difficulty of treatment, and even affect the normal production.


There are three ways to circle:

(1) install movable alloy scraper in the kiln;

(2) add an appropriate amount of fuel and burn the cement;

(3) change the high temperature area.

Comparatively speaking, the first method has higher requirements on the material of scraper and is not easy to realize.The second method is feasible, but not ideal and difficult from the perspective of energy saving.The third method is considered as a feasible one through practice.The so-called appropriate change of high temperature area, is through the adjustment of the rear fan bellows open and close degree, so that the combustion point or flame reciprocating pull, so easy to make the bonded kiln ring down and achieve the purpose of the circle.This method not only saves energy, but also is simple and easy to operate.


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