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Clogging of the kaolin dryer during operation

Date:2019-07-19 15:24 Source:未知Views:

The blocking of kaolin dryer is mainly due to some impurities in the kaolin dryer system, large particle materials in the transport process of crystallites or liquid viscosity of material exceeds the transport limit and caused.

The material cannot be dried completely due to partial blockage of the kaolin dryer, and the pressure change of the high-pressure pump is not obvious, but the gas temperature at the outlet of the kaolin dryer will increase significantly.If the high pressure pump pressure suddenly raise, tower mouth temperature rise obviously, this fully shows that kaolin dryer completely blocked, but no matter what kind of situation, should be treated in a timely manner, otherwise it will produce large amounts of waste, even cause the failure of other kaolin dryer, it will bring us unnecessary loss, don't be careless.

The quick opening structure of the kaolin dryer is adopted, and the positioning of the kaolin dryer is based on the method of card system. Without any tools, the parts of the kaolin dryer can be easily assembled and dismantled in an instant, which is not only convenient to operate, but also saves a lot of time for handling faults.Select the appropriate passing machine, filter the impurities in the material liquid, the selection of the filter screen screen and kaolin dryer outlet channel and aperture to adapt, usually choose the filter mesh diameter is 0.2 times of the sludge dryer inlet channel or aperture.

In the use of kaolin dryer, we do not have to limit the speed of the dryer drum is very low, the dryer can improve the material and hot air contact times, so as to improve the drying efficiency of the dryer;Should use the countercurrent dryer drying combined, to avoid a single dryer drying some steam can not be discharged in time, the running distance is too long and other problems.


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