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Abnormal movement adjustment method of rotary kiln cylinder

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Rotary kiln is the most important equipment in cement factory.The strong thermal load and continuous production system require very strict equipment quality and operation method, and its operating condition is directly related to the normal operation of the whole production process line.

1. Influence of abnormal movement of rotary kiln cylinder


If the rotary kiln moves in one direction for a long time, it is an abnormal phenomenon, which will cause a variety of adverse consequences:

(1) when the supporting wheel shaft force over a certain range, the roller thrust plate to end applied thrust bearing, caused by abnormal friction end temperature rise and the temperature rise to a certain degree will destroy the thrust plate near the oil film, make the bad bearing lubrication condition, finally caused the bearing shell temperature, even stop tile burning kiln accidents.

(2) uneven contact surface between the supporting wheel and the belt affected by serious axial force, resulting in partial wear of the belt and the belt.Sometimes appear in running wheel vibration and appear on its surface and belting leather surface axial bright line, roller will sometimes turn the phenomenon of slow, appear this kind of phenomenon also is for supporting wheel force is too large, wheel shaft bearing end face and the supporting wheel shaft thrust plate produce friction, thereby causing roller briefly stalled in the operation, make the belting leather and sliding between roller instead of the normal rolling, and abrasions.

(3) if the underchanneling force overloads the hydraulic gear, shorten the service life of the hydraulic gear;If too fast, in the case of limit switch failure, may cause kiln end seal damage and other major accidents.

If the rotary kiln abnormal movement is ignored, the kiln working condition will be unstable, and the supporting wheel bearing bush will often be abnormal heat, resulting in production or suspension, bringing significant economic losses.Because some factories can not control the normal up and down movement of the kiln, the hydraulic pressure wheel fixed pump is stopped directly, which will seriously affect the life of the rotary kiln due to wear.

2. Abnormal movement adjustment method of rotary kiln cylinder


After finding out the supporting wheel with the maximum axial force, adjust it by the following methods:

(1) change the friction coefficient method.Usually, lubricating grease with different viscosity is applied on the surface of the supporting wheel to change the friction coefficient when the supporting wheel and the belt contact, so as to control the reasonable movement of the kiln body.

(2) Adjust center line method of bracket shaft.In order to control the movement of the cylinder in production, the axis of the cylinder and the supporting wheel is often adjusted to a certain Angle beta..At the contact point between the supporting wheel and the belt, the velocity of the supporting wheel is Vt and the circumference velocity of the belt is Vr.The magnitude of channeling power increases or decreases with the magnitude of oblique Angle beta.Careful inspection must be carried out when adjusting the supporting wheel of the cylinder body. Correct judgments should be made on the magnitude of positive pressure borne by each supporting wheel, the direction of pushing the cylinder body to move and the magnitude and direction of the installing Angle of the supporting wheel beta.Due to the different rotation direction of rotary kiln, the correct direction must be adjusted when adjusting the supporting wheel.There are three methods to distinguish the direction of roller adjustment: diagram method, upturned hand method, formula method and so on.

In the actual production, it is necessary to strengthen the inspection of rotary kiln, observe more, find problems and deal with them in time, so as to ensure that the rotary kiln is always in the normal working condition of "up and down".In this way, the failure rate of rotary kiln can be reduced, the service life can be extended, the power consumption can be reduced, the output can be guaranteed, and the considerable economic benefit can be achieved.


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