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Properties and characteristics of hammer head made of various materials of crusher

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Hammer head is one of the core parts of the hammer crusher, arranged on the hammer shaft of the crusher rotor, the hammer head directly hits the material when the crusher runs at high speed, and finally crushes into the appropriate material size.

The crusher hammer head on the market can be divided into two types according to the manufacturing process: casting and forging, but their degree of wear resistance is not the same.As a result of broken material, the head needs good wear resistance, and the handle needs enough toughness, usually with alloy steel, high manganese steel, cast steel and high chromium cast iron bimetal composite material by forging or casting method, with the corresponding heat treatment process is more economical.

According to the different materials, crusher hammer head can be divided into: high manganese steel hammer head, bimetal hammer head, compound hammer head, big gold tooth hammer head, chrome alloy hammer head, hard alloy hammer head, all kinds of material crusher hammer head performance characteristics are as follows

1. Forge hammer head

The hammer head of forging crusher is suitable for crushing pebbles, coal gangue, limestone, etc.The hammer head of the forging crusher adopts the high quality railway wheel steel to repeatedly forge the metal blank with the forging and pressing machinery, making it produce deformation and obtain certain mechanical properties, certain shape and size.Forging hammer head is favored by the majority of users because of its cheap price, economical and durable features.

2. High manganese steel hammer head

High manganese steel is the most common and most widely used material, are used in first-class wear-resisting hammer crusher hammer accessories production, high manganese steel crusher hammers good toughness, good in usability, low prices, its main characteristic is in larger shocks or under the action of contact stress, surface layer will quickly produce strain hardening, the strain hardening index of 5 ~ 7 times higher than the other materials, the improvement of wear resistance improved.But high manganese steel crusher hammer head to crusher overall performance requirements are higher, if the physical impact in the actual work is not enough or contact stress is small, can not make the surface quickly produce work hardening, so as to play its due wear resistance.So the majority of customers should be selected according to the actual parameters of the equipment before use, when necessary, the equipment can be modified to make the maximum economic benefits.

With the development of wear-resistant materials, high manganese steel has been gradually not adapted to the development of modern casting industry, and replaced by chromium molybdenum alloy steel, high chromium cast iron and nickel hard cast iron.But the high toughness of high manganese steel is incomparable with other wear-resistant materials.

Alloy steel manganese steel wear-resisting hammer head, reliable quality, wear resistance is three times of the traditional high manganese steel, the hammer head crusher is widely used in domestic new dry cement production line supporting the large scale limestone crusher.


3. High chrome hammer head

The hammer head of high chromium alloy crusher has good hardness and is a kind of high quality wear-resisting material. It has been widely used in the fine crusher (the third generation sand making machine) and impact crusher with the support of hammer frame.High chromium compound hammer head, that is, the hammer handle USES high manganese steel, the hammer head work area USES high chromium alloy, the two compound together, make the hammer head has high hardness, and the hammer handle has high toughness, give full play to the respective advantages of the two materials, and overcome the shortcomings of a single material, meet the hammer head performance requirements.Especially suitable for crushing high hardness materials, such as quartz, basalt, etc.But its manufacturing process is complex, the process requirements are more strict, the price is higher.

4. Cemented carbide hammer head

Compared with other materials, cemented carbide hammer head has higher hardness, bending strength and impact resistance, thermal fatigue toughness resistance, good thermal hardness, low cost and other characteristics, which solves the problems of high manganese materials such as easy crack, dewelding, crack breakage, block dropping and so on.

The production practice proves that the material hammer head has the following advantages:

1, ultra-high wear resistance, is high manganese steel hammer head more than 20 times.

2, with good mechanical impact, thermal impact performance.

3, wide range of application, basically can be applied to all the crushing industry.

In fact, the main factor that affects the wear resistance and service life of the hammer head of crusher is the silica content in stone.


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