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The problems in operation of cement rotary kiln

Date:2019-07-22 16:40 Source:未知Views:

Cement rotary kiln is a common building materials equipment, roasting is an indispensable equipment, building materials industry is a rotary calcining kiln, according to the different processing materials could be called cement kiln, metallurgy chemical kiln and lime kiln, rotary kiln is the core of the cement production line equipment running, our emergency for rotary kiln in operation and solutions made a summary, hope for rotary kiln users and colleagues help in the rotary kiln production.

1.The focus on fire

Adjust the position of the burner, the proportion of primary air inside and outside the wind, ensure good flame shape, control the temperature of calcining zone, should according to the type, structure and performance characteristics of the burner, properly adjust positioning (must ensure that the flame burn not assault, have enough space), and according to coal quality situation, this system main fan pull breeze warm air flow and secondary air, properly adjust an outflow of wind, the ratio of the wind, ensure smooth flame, good shape, there is enough heat strength, stable for calcination.Visit the kiln head to see the fire every day. If the materials become sticky, the height of the coal spraying pipe will be exceeded along with the kiln wall, and the flame will be white and bright, and the clinker granulation will be too large, indicating that the temperature in the kiln is too high.If the material diverges, the powder material is too much, the flame is dim, light yellow or yellow, indicating the low temperature of the firing zone.Pay attention to the condition of cement rotary kiln skin at any time to ensure its uniform, stable and suitable length.

2. Pay attention to the quality of clinker.

The quality of clinker directly affects the quality of cement products, which is directly related to the benefit of the enterprise, and is the core and result of firing system control.Therefore, attention should be paid to every parameter of clinker quality, dynamic observation, dynamic analysis and dynamic adjustment.

3. Attention to raw materials and combustion AIDS.

Suitable fineness of raw material, reasonable, stable and optimized raw material ratio can not only guarantee the stability of kiln operation system, but also guarantee high quality clinker.High dispersion, homogenization effect and strong stability of raw materials, is conducive to the pre-decomposition system temperature and wind pressure stability;Cold air contact with hot material, easy to cause the material of cold and hot cohesion, adhesion in preheater are compared.in addition, result in crust or produce a large number of agglomerate, sealing the air leakage will react with the combustion of fossil fuels in not fully to, lead to local high temperature causes the crust, a large number of crust affecting the smooth running of the wind system, which can lead to system instability.Air leakage of kiln hood and grate cooler system will reduce the temperature of secondary air, increase the amount of cold air in the kiln, reduce the cooling air supply of grate cooler, and increase the heat loss.Low moisture and fine pulverized coal is conducive to increasing the combustion speed of pulverized coal, making it burn fully, increasing the calcining temperature, and ensuring the heat required for decomposition of raw materials and calcining of clinker.

4. Concern about system air leakage.

System air leakage is one of the most important factors restricting the system of pre-decomposing kiln to give full play to its function.Air leakage system mainly has internal and external air leakage: internal air leakage is mainly the lock air valve burned out, the action is not working, the lock air is not strict;External air leakage is mainly the inspection hole of cyclone tube at all levels, ash discharge valve shaft of discharge pipe, flange of connecting pipe at all levels, top cover of preheater, measuring point and kiln tail seal.The leakage of cold air will change the movement path of the material in the preheater, reduce its rotation speed and easily lead to material accumulation.This is an important step in cement rotary kiln.

5. Attention to central control operation.

Firstly, a relatively reasonable and perfect assessment system should be established to give correct guidance to operators and create a benign working atmosphere of competition, cooperation and learning.The second is to pay close attention to the changes of the field system and the operating parameters of the central control, timely make macro and appropriate control of the central control operation, unify the operator's operating ideas, and stabilize the thermal system of the kiln;During the maintenance, the problems should be considered thoroughly and arranged carefully to avoid the occurrence of malignant events such as running students.After the accident, analyze the cause of the accident in time, draw lessons from the accident, and put on record, so that all operators can be educated;Arrange operators' training on operation technology regularly, let them know more about new technology and new technology, exchange operation experience and finally improve their business quality.


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