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Practice of high voltage frequency converter in energy saving reformation of cement factory fan

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The energy-saving transformation of the fan should be carried out according to the operation state of the fan when the load is the largest.In the production process of cement factory, the cement output and production situation contain uncertain factors, which leads to the change of air output in the use of the fan. The use of valve can adjust the air supply of the fan, but it increases the resistance of the fan and affects the use effect of the fan.Adopting high voltage frequency converter to adjust the air volume of the fan can effectively save energy and achieve better economic benefits on the premise of guaranteeing cement output.

1. Defects of common fan devices

Cement plant in order to improve the use of fan performance, often use electric valves for wind regulation, control valve rotation Angle is generally 45% of the open degree, in the use of a large amount of wind energy will be wasted.For example, when starting the high-voltage machine, the use of high-voltage starting device will affect the power grid structure, and thus the normal operation of the equipment.Fan, in the use of blades in high speed rotating condition for a long time, will affect fan own hardware equipment, must be regularly for repair or replacement of blades to ensure the normal operation of the fan, if the fan can not maintain normal wind technology, can also affect the bearing of the fan, so must be repaired in a timely manner.The defect of fan device leads to the increase of energy consumption and also increases the capital investment of cement plant.

2 high voltage frequency converter


2.1 operating principle of high voltage frequency converter

Asynchronous motors are mostly used in cement factories. The use of high voltage frequency converter can change the running frequency of the motor, adjust the running speed of the motor, and effectively reduce the working error of the fan.

2.2 speed regulation characteristics of high voltage frequency converter

The application of high voltage frequency converter can avoid the energy loss caused by using electric valve or baffle for wind control, so the energy waste is reduced to a greater extent.High voltage frequency converter can effectively adjust the initial speed of the fan and change the serious damage of the fan blades caused by the fast initial speed.

2.3 improvement effect

High voltage frequency converter can effectively extend the service life of the fan in the process of energy-saving transformation of the fan in cement factory. In the process of slowly starting the fan motor, it can reduce the impact of current on the fan, and can independently adjust the wind intensity, so as to improve the effectiveness of the fan operation.

high voltage inverter

3.The application of high voltage frequency converter in energy saving reformation of cement factory fan


3.1 rotary start

In the process of starting the fan, if the damper is not completely sealed, then once the fan starts, the motor will rotate accordingly.In this way, the high voltage frequency converter can be used to check the rotation speed of the fan and control the fan's deceleration reasonably according to the different acceleration periods.In the process of fan start, should reduce trip phenomenon as far as possible, if start fan again in the process of fan rotation, need to systematize the comprehensive consideration of each data, in order to ensure the smooth work of cement factory fan.

3.2 strictly follow the prescribed links

In the application of high voltage frequency converter to cement factory fan energy conservation transformation process, need to be strictly in accordance with the provisions of the link, need to step by step control, to ensure the smooth operation of cement factory fan.The production status of cement factory is closely related to the use stability of the accessories of high-voltage frequency converter.Because cement plants are far away from the city, the power quality is defective, so the use of high voltage inverter, not only can form an effective power grid environment, but also can rely on the series effect of the power to increase the voltage range.For example, with automatic fault stop, power outage restart and other functions, not only can reduce the impact of power resource quality on the fan, but also can reduce the impact of changes in the power grid on cement plant production.

3.3 current stop

The current stoppage is caused by the collapse of the pipeline in the working process of the high-temperature fan.Most of the high-temperature fans are located at the end of the kiln in the cement factory. They are responsible for screening and decomposing the materials delivered to them. The use of couplers to work with the high-temperature fans will cause the fans to stop working beyond their own working load.The collapse of materials in the pipeline will also increase the workload of the high-temperature fan, resulting in the phenomenon of current stop, which requires the staff to use the preheater to remove the dust on the adjacent pipe in the process of cement production, so as to reduce the pressure of the pipeline.After the collapse, the pressure on the pipeline will become greater and greater, thus adding resistance to the operation of the fan and increasing the operating load of the fan. The use of high-voltage frequency converter can improve the hardware equipment of the fan, strengthen the management and control of the fan and improve the production efficiency of the cement factory.

4. Conclusion

Adopt high voltage frequency converter to carry on the cement factory fan energy conservation transformation, first need to understand the cement factory common device's malpractice, then clear the transformation general idea, to need to improve the accessories and the importance of improvement to master, and grasp the matters needing attention in the transformation process.Through transforming, better save energy consumed in the process of production, change because of the use of the valve and damper and cause a lot of the present situation of the energy waste, reduce downtime for wind leaf damage in the process, can be flexible to control the air volume of fan, fundamentally improve the use of cement plant fan performance, increase the economic benefit.

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