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Hammer crusher hammer head wear factors and solutions

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Hammer hammer crusher wear is inevitable, but if the wear is too fast, faster frequency is too high, it needs to check whether there is a problem in the equipment itself or operation.

1. Hammer head wear factor


1.1 influence of properties of materials to be crushed

The influence of the material to be crushed on the hammer head abrasion includes: the property of the material, the size of the feed particle, the water content and other factors, among which, the influence of the material nature, the greater the hardness of the material, the greater the wear of the hammer head.

1.2 influence of processing capacity and discharge clearance

The processing capacity of equipment also has a certain impact on hammer head abrasion. When the processing capacity increases, the product granularity will become coarser, the crushing ratio will decrease, and the unit abrasion of hammer head will also decrease.Similarly, changing the size of discharge clearance can also change the thickness of product granularity to some extent, so it has a certain impact on hammer head wear.

1.3 improper use and operation

As the hammerhead often breaks, it takes a large amount of work and labor intensity to replace the hammerhead. Therefore, after the new hammerhead is installed, the machine fails to stop and check in time, making the bolts loose and not tightened in time.So the hammerhead wears faster.

1.4 linear velocity effect

The linear velocity is the working parameter that affects the hammer head abrasion, and the linear velocity directly affects the hammer head's impact energy, crushing ratio and particle size.In addition, excessive linear velocity may also lead to a sharp increase in hammer head wear, which is caused by excessive linear velocity, which prevents materials from entering the impact zone, and severe wear on hammer head end.

hammer crusher

2. Solutions


2.1 improve the utilization rate of hammer head and reduce the replacement time of hammer head

The utilization rate, replacement time of hammer head are closely related to its structure and fastening mode.Therefore, it can adopt symmetrical structural form, simple fastening mode, large clamshell, large access door housing and other schemes, which can improve the metal utilization rate of hammer head and increase the service life.

2.2 hardmetal surfacing

After the hammerhead wears to a certain extent, it is also an effective way to surfacing hard alloy on the wear surface.

2.3 reasonable selection of working parameters and structural parameters

Hammer crusher is mainly the use of hammerhead impact materials and crushing, and the hammerhead unit of pure wear and linear speed to the power of one to two square is proportional to each other, so choose a reasonable linear speed, ensure the product size of the premise, as far as possible to reduce the rotary speed of the rotor.

2.4 strengthen use and maintenance management

First of all, when the hammer head is installed, the sand and burrs in the holes and grooves of the hammer head bolt must be removed, so as to make the connection flat.Secondly, when fastening hammer head bolts, hammer the elliptical head while fastening.Finally, about half an hour after the operation should be timely check the bolt tightening situation, after tightening the nut and thread spot welding to prevent loosening.

2.5 improve the wear resistance of hammer head material

The material of hammer head is usually made of high manganese steel, which is suitable for breaking medium hardness materials, but when breaking hard materials, hammer head must have good corrosion resistance and high wear resistance.

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