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Cause analysis of spindle fracture accident of cone crusher

Date:2019-08-05 16:27 Source:未知Views:

The spindle of cone crusher is an important component, which plays a vital role in the operation of the whole equipment.For the few concentrators and stone plants that have broken shaft accidents, we analyze the specific reasons:

1. The main shaft was not fixed when the equipment was assembled in the factory, or the eccentric sleeve was not installed in accordance with the standard. In case of non-breakable objects, great resistance appeared, causing the main shaft to break.In addition, the heat treatment of the spindle is not done well, resulting in stress concentration, which significantly reduces the fatigue strength of the spindle material, making the section gradually produce cracks, which may lead to the fracture of the spindle in case of emergencies.

2. Caused by the broken captain's time overload and irregular maintenance.Cone crushing captain overload caused by the pressure of spring, broken hard ore so that the upper support sleeve often jump, not only cause product granularity too coarse, but also lead to the easy wear of all parts.For a long time, the spring recovery ability is weakened, broken material is not smooth enough, material accumulation card machine, leading to the main shaft damage.

3. When excessively requiring the fineness of discharge, the discharge port shall be continuously tightened, increasing the probability of the occurrence of non-breakable material sticking.The cone crusher has overload protection device, but it can't avoid the damage caused by the machine.If there is a stuck machine in the example, it will damage the main shaft, the number of times may occur spindle fracture phenomenon.

Therefore, the use of cone crusher should be in accordance with the requirements of use, not often overload, there is regular maintenance, to avoid machine failure, but also to avoid the main shaft fracture accident.


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