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Standard for flue gas emission from pulverized coal burners

Date:2019-07-26 15:58 Source:未知Views:

Pulverized coal burner emission not up to standard pollution is larger, the country has been set for the standard of flue gas emission of pulverized coal burner, but how much do you know?

Jiangsu LVSSN would like to give you a brief introduction to the flue gas emission standard of pulverized coal burner:

1. The energy saving rate of the new pulverized coal burner is 15-30%.:

2. The fixed carbon content of ash residue in the pulverized coal burner is about 0.1%, and there is basically no carbon powder.

3. The smoke emission from pulverized coal burner is less than or equal to grade 1

4. The flue gas content in the burner can be changed to the lower flue without any dust removal equipment, as long as the coal is fully burned

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