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Performance characteristics of pulverized coal burner

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Pulverized coal burner has seven performance characteristics:

1. Pulverized coal burner can effectively reduce coal consumption. Theory and practice show that each 1% reduction in primary air volume can reduce heat consumption of 8.70 ~ 10.46kJ/kg fuel, and at the same time, the secondary air temperature is significantly increased.The ignition of pulverized coal burner is easy, and the working efficiency is greatly improved.

2. Pulverized coal burner has a variety of means of adjustment. Different proportions of internal and external air and outlet jet flow can be stepless adjusted in a wide range under the condition of constant total air cooling, so that the flame shape can be adapted to any working conditions.Pulverized coal burner can be divided into two types: direct flow and swirling flow.The center line of the burner is tangent to an imaginary circle in the center of the combustion chamber, thus creating a horizontally rotating updraft in the combustion chamber.In order to meet the requirements of stable and complete combustion of different types of coal, the first and second air spouts of each group of direct-flow burners are distributed, and the nitrogen oxide production is sometimes reduced.

3. This type of pulverized coal burner has the advantages of shortened temperature rise time, high thermal efficiency, low coal quality requirement, wide application range and high economic benefit.

4. The internal temperature field of pulverized coal burner is uniform, the heating body in the furnace covers a large area, the slag does not stick to the workpiece surface, and the product quality is good.

5. The air supply and coal input of the burner can be changed as needed, and the furnace temperature and flame length can be adjusted in a wide range to meet the actual needs.

6. Reasonable structure, excellent overall performance: four-channel pulverized coal burner has beautiful appearance, complete supporting facilities, low system resistance, convenient flame adjustment, convenient maintenance, and overall performance reaches the level of multi-channel burners abroad.The flue gas content in the burner is changed to the lower flue without any dust removal equipment. As long as the air coal combustion is sufficient, it can reach the national standard.

7. The residence time of pulverized coal in the high temperature zone of pulverized coal burner is long, so the combustion efficiency is high, and the flue directly emits no black smoke, which is white smoke like steam.


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