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How to avoid the cement mechanical grate cooler exhaust temperature is too high

Date:2019-07-26 16:09 Source:未知Views:

Grate cooler is an important main engine equipment in the cement clinker firing system. Its main function is to cool and transport cement clinker and provide hot air for rotary kiln and decomposition furnace.However, the grate cooler exhaust temperature is too high, it is easy to cause the grate cooler dust electric field plate high temperature deformation, serious can lead to the electric field to lose the function of dust collection, but also can lead to the bag dust collector dust bag was burned.

If the exhaust temperature of grate cooler stays high for a long time, the temperature in the dust collector stays above 300℃ for a long time, or even reaches about 400℃. At this time, although the plate of electric dust collector will not immediately burn out and deformation, but the plate will be heated for a long time, which will make the plate bear greater mechanical stress due to thermal expansion, resulting in plate strength fatigue.

In order to effectively avoid the excessive exhaust temperature of grate cooler, the following matters should be paid attention to when operating the grate cooler:

1. Properly control the air flow of the grate cooler exhaust fan.If the air volume is too large, it will pull the high-temperature air flow that should enter the kiln into the dust collector.The operator should not take the requirement of micro-negative pressure of kiln head into account.

2. Properly control grate velocity to ensure appropriate thickness of material layer.

3. Try to match the air volume in the high-temperature section with the cooling air volume required by the clinker.The reasons for the air volume mismatch are either the high clinker yield (including instantaneous), the insufficient operation of the high temperature cooling fan, or the limited air supply capacity of the fan.In this regard, operators should pay more attention to prevent the waste gas temperature from rising due to the low heat recovery efficiency.

4. For the case of too much fine powder of clinker from kiln, relatively high wind pressure can be adopted in high temperature section, so as to avoid excessive temperature of exhaust gas from outlet due to reduced heat recovery rate.

The reason for the excessive exhaust temperature of grate cooler is the instantaneous high temperature in the kiln.For example: when the preheater collapse, can cause up to 500℃ of waste gas and powder into the dust collector, if it is electrical dust, its plate immediately deformation;If it is a dust bag, then the dust bag is burned.To prevent the instant high temperature of grate cooler, we should focus on preventing the preheater from collapsing.


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