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The cause of noise produced by jaw crusher

Date:2019-07-30 14:57 Source:未知Views:

The jaw crusher belongs to the mine equipment, is a crusher of medium and fine crushing operation, high efficiency crushing ability, but in the work of the humble bump will produce abnormal noise, to the environment and operators of physical and mental harm, then the jaw crusher noise in the end from:

1, jaw crusher has its own vibration.

Because the volume of jaw crusher, hammer head inside rotating along the vibration of the machine, in the production line is composed of belt conveyor driven hammer to end broken homework, hammer head back and forth in the rolling noise, the noise is unavoidable, because at the time of production line, must ensure that the quality of the equipment and spare parts, so as to avoid noise.

2, jaw crusher after abnormal noise.

Generally speaking, the jaw crusher in work after period of time, will be tested for its maintenance, if the user in accordance with the improper operation for maintenance, jaw crusher can appear unnecessary defects, defect after noise opportunities for jaw crusher, such as belt of the belt running deviation occurs;The noise of stone hitting jaw crusher will appear when discharging block. The jaw crusher should deal with the defects in time to reduce the noise.

3, jaw crusher installation problems

In the installation of jaw crusher must choose a smooth place, so that there will not be too much shaking out of the abnormal noise, but also away from the residential area, not because of the jaw crusher vibration sound to bring inconvenience to the residents.


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