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ball mill milling system operation precautions

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Check the ball mill before starting the machine. The inspection before starting the machine includes the mechanical part and the electrical part. For example, check whether the bolts of the ball mill cylinder and the reducer are loose or not; whether the sealing performance of the whole machine has any problems; whether the lubrication of each lubrication point is normal, whether the oil level of the reducer reaches the minimum requirement, whether the transmission device is normal and reliable, and whether the protection device is intact or not. Whether the meter is sensitive or not, the ball mill motor carbon brush is in good contact. During operation, the current meter, signal indicating bearing lubrication and motor temperature rise should be checked in real time.

Check for obstructions in or around the rotating part of the device and, if so, eliminate it immediately. It is important to note that the operator must check for someone around the ball mill when starting the ball mill.

The ball mill can start the ball mill system and turn on the ball mill only after the inspection is correct. For a ball mill using a frequency sensitive varistor, the starting time is generally 15-20 seconds. If the ball mill cannot reach the rated speed within the specified time after pressing the start button, the start should be stopped immediately, otherwise the frequency sensitive varistor will burn out. After stopping the start, carefully look for the cause of the malfunction in the mechanical and electrical parts. The ball mill should not be started continuously for more than two times. The interval between the first and second starts should be at least 5 minutes. Many manufacturers require an interval of 15 minutes. If the third and above starts continuously, it must be checked with the electrician and fitter. After that, it can be operated under the supervision of the maintenance personnel. During the initial period of start of the ball mill, it is important to note the current changes in the ball mill motor.

When starting the ball mill motor, it must not be started simultaneously with other equipment, and it should be staggered to avoid other problems. After the ball mill is in normal operation, it is strictly prohibited to overload the operation, and the idle time should not exceed 15 minutes, so as to avoid the steel ball and steel forging the damaged liner.

During the operation of the ball mill, it is necessary to check whether the cylinder has slurry leakage or ash leakage; carefully observe whether the current, voltage, feeding and water supply are normal; pay attention to the speed of the ball mill, the rotation speed of the ball mill should not be lower than 400 rpm, and the operation should be Every 1~2 hours inspection to ensure the normal operation of the ball mill; the continuous running time of the ball mill should generally not exceed 12 hours, otherwise the ball mill may have overload problems, the probability of failure will increase; the ball mill is in operation, the operator Check the temperature of the motor and the spindle for half an hour. The temperature should not exceed 60 °С. If the problem is found, stop it and report it for repair.

During the operation of the ball mill, it is necessary to check whether the ball-grinding teeth are rotating with oil. If it is not rotating with oil, it should be replenished in time; usually it is necessary to regularly refuel.

Before the ball mill stops, the feeding should be stopped. After the material in the barrel of the ball mill is processed to a certain extent, the ball mill can be turned off. After the ball mill is closed, the hoist must be turned off before the hoist can be turned off.

It is necessary to add steel balls and steel forging according to the prescribed time, and do a good job of grading. The loading amount of the ball mill steel ball and steel forging starts from the details, and the detailed records are made in mind.

The ball mill should be kept clean, and the loose parts should be adjusted and tightened in time. When the ball mill is not used for a long time, it should be noted that the temperature of the ball mill body should be completely reduced to match the ambient temperature before the cooling water can be deactivated and compressed air is used. Blow out the spindle tile memory water to prevent rusting.

The operator should participate in the relevant training, understand the knowledge of the ball mill system, strictly implement the operation rules such as the start and stop operation of the ball mill system, and do not arbitrarily, and do not perform operations that violate the operation sequence and operation procedures (such as first ball mill, rear open hoist). Wait).

During the operation of the ball mill system, the operator should immediately take emergency stop measures if it is found to have abnormal noise, fire, smoke, or loose base.


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