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The factors affecting the yield of cone crusher

Date:2019-08-01 16:30 Source:未知Views:

Cone crusher is suitable for crushing more than 100 kinds of medium and above hardness materials, compression wear - resistant, wear - resistant parts for a long time.More and more users choose cone crusher as medium crushing equipment.In actual use, there are many users found that cone crusher sometimes even full load production, cone crusher capacity is not satisfactory.

The measures to improve the capacity of cone crusher mainly include:

1. Keep the parameters of edge discharge port of cone crusher unchanged.

2. Try to ensure that the cone crusher continues to "full" operation.

3. Do not feed too little cone crusher.

4. Feeding point needs to be aligned with the center point of feeding mouth of the cone crusher.

5. Minimize the retention of buffer bin and improve the production line efficiency.

6. Accurately grasp the three upper limits of the cone crusher, including upper limit of quantity (capacity), upper limit of power and upper limit of crushing force.

7. Ensure the operation within the upper limit of cone crusher design.

8. Monitor and try to ensure the appropriate speed of the crusher. The speed monitoring device can be installed in the middle shaft and other positions.

9. Control the fine material content in the feed.

10. Cone crusher feeding height should not be too high.


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