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The cause and treatment of abnormal noise during rotary kiln operation

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Rotary kiln is the core equipment and the focus of equipment management.Next, we will talk about the cause and treatment of abnormal noise of rotary kiln.

1. Noise produced by kiln head and end

When the kiln head bends, the cold air hood of the kiln head will interfere with the kiln door cover and produce friction sound, and scream when it is serious. When it is more serious, the kiln head cylinder will move the kiln door cover and produce a rumbling sound. The reason is generally caused by the deformation and bending of the kiln head cylinder, that is, the radial movement of the kiln head cylinder is too large.

Bending is caused by improper stop kiln or uneven collapse of kiln skin, resulting in bending deformation of the cylinder. If it is caused by stop kiln, it will be eliminated naturally after straightening the cylinder for a period of time.If the bending caused by uneven temperature of the kiln shell is dropped, it is necessary to fix the kiln shell in time, and make the temperature of the shell drive the same as soon as possible, the shell will become straight, and the interference noise will disappear naturally.


2. Make a noise at the wheel

If there is a clang sound at the wheel belt, it is mostly caused by the cushion plate loosening or the limit failure. When the cushion plate is turned to the top, it falls onto the barrel, producing abnormal sound. At this time, check whether the stop block fails, detect whether the slip is too large, judge whether the clearance of the wheel belt is normal, and make a hidden danger record, and arrange for treatment when the maintenance.

3. The big and small gears make abnormal noise


Large and small gear issued abnormal noise is more common, the reason is more, there may be several cases caused.

First of all, the big tooth ring interface loose, causing the big tooth ring out of circle, mesh precision decline issued abnormal sound, at this time should stop kiln fastening bolt, to avoid the expansion of the situation.

The second is the cylinder bending, when the cylinder temperature difference is large, large kiln will bend, when the center distance of large and small gears is large, when the center distance is small, it will give out the dull sound of biting the root, when the center distance is large, it will give out the knock sound when the center distance is large, at this time should be timely eliminate the uneven attached kiln skin, make the kiln straight.

If other aspects are normal and the sound is even, but the sound is large, the lubrication should be checked to see if it is effective. Secondly, check whether the foundation sinks and whether the belt and supporting wheel wear seriously. If there are similar situations, the kiln should be raised.If the ring of big teeth issued a more brittle sound, must be checked on the ring of big teeth, see if the ring of big teeth is producing cracks, if so, must be reinforced treatment, and do replacement preparation.


4. Creak of kiln end cylinder

Kiln decomposition with the sound of its often, usually where the temperature is higher, the cylinder stress kiln rotation changes, and send, like water use pole, along with the up and down shaking, will make some noise, but also some people think that is the material break down a burst of noise, the noise of the position change, high decomposition rate when the noise into the kiln, kiln decomposition rate is low, also has its truth, remains to be further confirmed.

In addition, there is a sound should be particularly concerned about, is here to send out the boom boom sound, there may be cylinder cracking, if found the place has black stripes or even a slight smoke, can judge cylinder crack is expanding, must immediately stop kiln processing, strengthen or change cylinder.


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