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What is an efficient jaw crusher?

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PEX type crushing jaw crusher in the late 1980s as a clinker crushing machine, widely used in the vertical kiln cement factory and gypsum, sandstone, zeolite, gangue and other production departments

Introduction to high efficiency jaw crusher


1. Simple transformation of jaw crusher

Although the original crusher in crushing particle size reduction has some improvement, but still not ideal: adopt "linear correction gauss curve" crush "laminated" type crushing cavity technical transformation such machine, a simple, easy to good effect, often used in the original crusher is in good condition and under the premise of reasonable, only need to replace the special dynamic jaw plate, adjust the crusher running speed and discharging mouth width can achieve technological upgrading, modification cost is low, just normal spare parts fee plus a little and reconstruction expense and transformation when asked only a few hours, does not affect the normal production, and to obtain the particle size distribution of uniform stability, easy to control operation.

jaw crusher

2. Several factors affecting the transformation effect of jaw crusher

2.1 the original fine jaw is broken and damaged seriously, and the vibration during operation is large, so it does not meet the adjustment conditions;

2.2 on the basis of the original design, the mechanical shaft kiln has been expanded and transformed, and the output has increased greatly. However, the production capacity of the original fine jaw crusher is seriously insufficient.

2.3 adding more wet fly ash to the clinker outside the kiln and uneven mixing to plug the tooth seam: in addition to the factor in article 2, the crusher shall be overhauled before transformation, and the fly ash shall be added before crushing to overcome the problem after crushing.And if the production capacity of the crusher is seriously inadequate, in a certain range of output is effective, if the gap is too large you have to consider the replacement of equipment.

2.4 the feeding grate of some mechanical vertical kilns is seriously worn, and the large size of discharging material and dead firing also affect the transformation effect.

jaw crusher

3. The result of transforming into an efficient jaw crusher

The modification technology of the crusher can promote the particle size and yield of the crusher.At the same time, this is also a pair of contradictions, so before the transformation should be clear reform goals, in the realization of the main goal of the premise of giving consideration to secondary goals.In addition, like all transformation technologies, its effect is still limited, and it is impossible to solve all the problems of material fragmentation, but the good use effect and investment effect of this technology have shown excellent application value.

PE, PEX series jaw crusher is powered by an electric motor and drives an eccentric shaft through a belt drive to make the moving jaw move reciprocating according to the predetermined track, thus crushing the materials entering into the crushing chamber composed of fixed jaw plate, movable jaw plate and edge protection plate, and unloading the finished materials through the discharge port at the lower part.If you need, please contact us for free consultation.


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