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What are the wear forms of jaw crusher

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In the production process of jaw crusher, wear phenomenon is mainly due to wear and material or unreasonable operation caused by different reasons caused by different forms of wear, jaw crusher has what form of wear

jaw crusher

1. Abrasion type wear

The wear form is mainly due to the jaw crusher and processing, the hardness of the larger the relative sliding between the material and equipment, but the acting force between them is small, hardness larger material doesn't happen broken, just slightly sliding friction pair surface, produce tiny scratches, material in the form of wear debris is a small amount of metal loss;

2. Fragmentation wear

This form of wear is mainly due to the hardness of the material in the jaw crusher by the great stress of friction, this effect exceeds the ultimate strength of the material, make it broken, at the same time make the friction pair surface pull, plastic deformation, fatigue damage or fracture, peeling caused by wear;

jaw crusher

3. Chisel wear

The causes of the wear form of jaw crusher is mainly are broken material with larger ultimate strength, and have sharp edges, plus the friction pair of its strong stress, causing friction pair material surface under high contact stress and impact, make the material surface tear out large jaw or debris, forming deep furrows or pit;

Jaw crusher wear form mainly has three kinds, respectively is abrade wear, wear and chisel cut type wear fracture type, the main wear form and material is between the impact extrusion etc, makes the equipment under complex surface contact stress, in reaction to the phenomenon, at the time of the machine use, need to be repair, maintenance, in order to improve its service life.


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