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What are the problems with the shaft of the jaw crusher?

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For jaw crusher, can complete the processing requirements, mainly depends on its performance are in good condition, and its performance are in good condition and their internal many parts are in good condition, in general, the parts is worn, the potential problems with the production going on, wear phenomenon gradually increase, the performance of the equipment also gradually decline, if worn parts will fail, then the device will stop the production, for internal of jaw crusher parts, some parts wear relatively quickly, these parts belong to wear parts, has an important influence for the work of equipment, the shaft is one of them,What are the problems with the shaft of the jaw crusher?

Jaw crusher

1. Shaft neck wear

The rotation shaft in use, wear conditions are different, need to take the repair program is different, when the jaw crusher rotation shaft wear is not big, can be plated on the shaft neck a layer of chrome, grinding to the required size;If wear is more, can be on the shaft neck surfacing welding, and then to the lathe cutting polishing;For serious wear condition, turn 2-3mm on the shaft neck, then turn a sleeve, cover on the shaft neck while it is hot, and then turn to the required size;

jaw crusher

2. Shaft bending

Jaw crusher shaft bending phenomenon, will also cause the production is difficult to carry out, the repair method and the degree of bending has a great relationship, when the shaft bending is not big, can be repaired by grinding the shaft neck, slip ring method;When the bending exceeds 0.2mm, the rotating shaft can be placed under the press, and the bending part can be corrected under pressure. The surface of the corrected shaft can be polished by lathe cutting.When the bending is too large, a new shaft is needed.

jaw crusher

Shaft neck wear and shaft bending phenomenon, for the repair of these two phenomena, jaw crusher shaft no matter which kind of fault, wear or bending degree of different, the need for repair methods are different, only to solve the wear or bending phenomenon, to ensure the smooth working process of jaw crusher.


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