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What are the problems of roller press?

Date:2019-07-16 16:26 Source:未知Views:

There will be some problems in the production of roller press. How much do you know about these problems? Today I will briefly introduce some solutions to these problems, hoping to help you

1. Frequent changes of stick seam


Operation and adjustment:

(1) check whether there is local damage to the roll surface, and repair the damage if there is.Meanwhile, check whether the iron remover and metal detector work normally.

(2) observe whether the feeding of roller press is intermittent. If the feeding is not smooth, check whether the feeding chute and stable flow bin are not smooth.


2. Roll seam deflection


Operation and adjustment

(1) observe whether the feed of the stick press is skewed, whether the feed is uneven along the roll surface, and timely rectify the feed slip.

(2) check whether the side baffle is worn, and replace the side baffle if worn.

(3) observe whether the left and right side pressure is frequently supplemented, and check the hydraulic valve.

3. High bearing temperature of roller press


Operation and adjustment:

(1) listen to whether the bearing operates normally. If the noise is large, check whether enough dry oil is added to the bearing to ensure lubrication of shaft bearing.

(2) check cooling water system and watch whether the road valve is opened.

(3) if the temperature of all four bearings is not high, check whether the lubrication line is blocked.


4. The accumulator pressure of roller press decreases significantly


Operation and adjustment:

Stop, check the accumulator and replenish nitrogen.

5. The main electric and mechanical flow of roller press is small


Operation and adjustment:

(1) check whether the roller press working pressure is small, if the pressure is low, can appropriately increase the working pressure ^

(2) check whether the side baffle is worn. If it is worn, replace the side baffle.


6. Excessive current of main motor of bar press

(1) check whether the working pressure of roller press is high. If the pressure is high, the working pressure should be reduced

(2) check whether there is damage to the roll surface. If there is local damage, check whether the metal detector works abnormally, which leads to the entry of gold and iron parts into the roll and causes the damage to the roll surface;If the roller surface is not damaged, check whether the feed size of the roller press is too large.


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