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What are the performance characteristics of single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher?How about the effect?

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Single-cylinder cone crusher is the spring cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher and compound cone crusher, etc, on the basis of traditional sand making machine, introduce the advanced technology, combined with China's appearance is very concise and compact, the performance of metal materials by the bottom structure, the unique design of single cylinder finished discharging mouth direct regulation, prevention of iron, the three important features of clear cavity.Compared with the traditional cone crusher, it has the advantages of low failure rate, best performance, simple structure, convenient operation, excellent laminate crushing and finished granule type.

Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher performance characteristics:


1. Mature technology and stable work

Although the single-cylinder cone crusher is a new type of cone crusher, it has been tested by the market for a long time since it came into the market. The technology is very stable, the equipment runs very smoothly, and the equipment output design is not low. It is suitable for the production and use of large and medium-sized sand and stone sites.

2. It is applicable to a wide range of materials

This conical fracture is not only applicable to sand and stone industry, such as chemical industry, construction industry, metallurgy industry, etc. It has a good effect on granite, pebbles, iron ore and other rocks with high hardness, and a good effect on materials with low hardness, such as limestone, etc. In general, it has a wide range of applications.

3. Reasonable structure and high work efficiency

The conical fracture body is of cast steel structure, and the heavy load part is equipped with reinforcing bars to ensure the quality of the equipment. Moreover, the equipment is designed with an adjuster, which can quickly adjust the size of discharge particle size. Moreover, the stable hydraulic protection device ensures the working efficiency of conical fracture.

4. The finished product has good grain shape and even particle size

Because the cone crusher adopts the principle of laminated crushing, which contains certain needle and sheet material, but the single-cylinder cone crusher has been upgraded on this basis, and the material processed by the single-cylinder cone crusher is of very good particle type, uniform particle size, and basically presents cubic particles.

cone crusher


With advanced structural design, excellent crushing capacity, excellent reliability and low production and operating costs.The hydraulic cone is broken through the lifting and moving cone of a single hydraulic cylinder, realizing various functions such as adjustment of ore discharge opening, clearing cavity, over-iron and overload protection.Equipped with electronic intelligent discharge port control system, to achieve more production process control and operation optimization functions.

Single cylinder hydraulic cone breaking is often used for medium fine material, suitable for medium hardness above material, there are multiple models, and each model is more bell cavity type (super coarse, medium coarse, fine, medium fine, super fine), capacity coverage range is wide, 27-1512t/h, feed size 38-560mm, discharge size 4-41mm, is a kind of crusher widely used.Please leave a message for equipment details and quotation.


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