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What are the causes of holding the bearing of hammer crusher?

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Hammer crusher bearing hold, is the bearing in the process of running a lot of heat, heat in a short time can not be scattered.Causes the bearing temperature to rise sharply, finally holds the bearing dead.This phenomenon is common in equipment overhaul and production service site.What are the causes of holding the bearing of hammer crusher?

1. Improper assembly


1.1 improper fit between bearing outer ring and bearing seat hole or bearing inner ring and shaft during assembly.

In the process of assembly, sometimes the inner hole of hammer crusher is not repaired, its size is measured, new bearing is replaced for assembly, and the temperature rise is found to be too high after test run.During the inspection, it is found that the bearing seat hole of hammer crusher has been deformed, which causes the outer ring of the bearing to be squeezed, resulting in the radial clearance of the bearing becoming smaller, the rolling body rotating unevenly and the wear becoming worse.The clearance between the bearing inner ring and the shaft is too large, and the bearing inner ring rotates with the rolling body and the shaft, resulting in heat and vibration of the bearing due to friction.

1.2 improper control of bearing heating temperature during assembly.

During the heating operation, if the temperature of bearing heater of the debugging hammer crusher is too high, the hardness and accuracy of it will be reduced due to tempering, thus the temperature of the bearing will rise, which will lead to further wear and damage of the bearing.

1.3 improper adjustment of bearing clearance of hammer crusher during assembly.

In the actual work, many installations sometimes only by hand debugging, clearance is too large or too small, can not meet the production needs.If the axial clearance of hammer crusher is too small, it is easy to cause bearing heating, accelerate pitting corrosion, and even make the rolling body stuck or glue damage;If the axial clearance is too large, the impact force of the moving pair will increase and the stiffness will decrease, which will lead to abnormal sound in operation, and even cause serious vibration or damage to the cage.

Hammer crusher bearing

2. Oil seal problem

Oil seal is used to seal the rotary shaft of hammer crusher seal oil seal elements, and the cavity is basically static, so the oil seal is also known as rotary shaft lip seal ring.For the oil seal that takes pair lip, its pair lip rises dustproof effect, prevent impurity to invade, in order to prolong oil seal life, but pair lip place often is lubricated undesirable, frictional bigger, cause oil to seal dry attrition and damage, must fill grease between double lip when installing double lip oil seal so.

3. Gap problem

In the process of assembly, if the size of the spacer is not carefully checked and the assembly is tested, the temperature will rise rapidly after a certain period of time.The size of the outer ring of the bearing of hammer crusher has been determined by the end cover and the stop mouth of the bearing seat. The size of the spacer is reduced, and the size of the inner ring is adjusted by the round nut. Finally, it is pressed down, and the axial clearance of the bearing becomes smaller, which causes heat in the running process.

hammer crusher

4. Lubrication problem

Bearing grease should not be too much, too much grease will increase the friction torque, hammer crusher bearing temperature rise;However, if the amount of fat is too little, the reliable lubrication cannot be obtained and dry friction occurs.Generally speaking, the appropriate amount of grease is 1/3 ~ 1/2 of the total void volume in the bearing, therefore, according to the requirements of use, regular injection of appropriate amount of grease.


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