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What are the advantages of jaw crusher?

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Jaw crusher is an ancient crushing equipment, through continuous optimization and improvement, jaw crusher has incomparable advantages.In the big family of crushers, jaw crushers are widely used in the market.In the development history of nearly one hundred years, it is always in an unbeaten position, which is due to the four incomparable advantages of jaw crusher.

1. Stable performance

Compared with other types of crushers, jaw crushers have more stable performance.The strong frame can keep the equipment working under high strength pressure, and the durability and reliability of high manganese steel's moving jaw, jaw plate and heavy eccentric shaft are obvious.

2. The crushing ratio

Jaw crusher outstanding advantage is that it has the crushing ratio.Low requirements for feeding, equipment structure design can achieve multiple crushing of materials, meet the crushing requirements, improve the crushing performance of equipment.Whether it is hard rock, ore, or river pebble, the jaw crusher is capable of perfect crushing to meet the needs of users.

Jaw crusher

3. The discharge port

The adjustment of discharge port of jaw crusher has certain advantages.The adjustment of discharge port is simple and fast. There is no need to add gaskets. It can be completed only by adjusting the machinery.

4. Install

The jaw crusher is more reasonable in design and easy to install.Users can install by themselves, and the installed jaw crusher occupies a small space, can adapt to many harsh working environment.

Thanks to its large crushing ratio, simple structure, reliable operation, low operating cost, convenient replacement of parts, low noise, little dust and energy saving, Jiangsu LVSSN's jaw crusher plays an important role in mineral processing.Usually, the jaw crusher is placed in the first crushing process in the processing line.This crushing process is very important, directly related to the crushing effect.

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