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Tube mill tail bin adopts ceramic ball to increase production and energy saving technology

Date:2019-07-15 15:54 Source:未知Views:

The rapid development of cement grinding equipment has greatly reduced the power consumption of grinding. It is entirely possible to grind the grinding power consumption of 32.5 grade cement to 20kw.h/t. The main bearing of the tube mill adopts rolling bearing and tube grinding. The use of two technologies, the ceramic grinding body, is very important for reducing the power consumption of the grinding cement. The following three aspects introduce the main features of the Φ4.2 tube mill using Φ4.8 cylinder bearing mill technology.

1. The power of the ceramic grinding body motor can be reduced by 30%.

We calculate the motor power according to the existing 4.2m×13m mill. Through the field practice, observe the working current of the mill after the ceramic grinding body is used in the second bin (or Sancang). 140A, mill steel forging original load current 210A, reduced by 70A, equivalent to 1000 kw of motor power. That is to say, after the ceramic silo is used in the Sancang of the 4213 tube mill, the effective power of the motor is 2500kw.

2. The main bearing of the mill adopts rolling bearing.

Beipiao Ideal Energy Saving Engineering Co., Ltd. is a 4213 rolling bearing mill produced by Tangshan Lighthouse Cement Co., Ltd. of Hebei Province. The motor power is 3150kw. Due to the use of rolling bearings, the motor power is better than ordinary shoes. The bearing mill reduces the motor power by 400kw, and the grinding machine still maintains the level of 220t, and the output of the mill is slightly increased.

3. Generally speaking, ceramic grinding bodies are applied to tube mills with roller presses and tube mills with ball breaking machines before grinding.

They can also be applied to single tube mills, as long as the materials entering the ceramic ball cage are 80um. The sieve residue can be used below 25 meters.

4. Reforming the existing pipe mill to expand the diameter

Because the specific gravity of the ceramic ball is light, the number of one ton of ceramic balls is twice the number of steel forging, the number of forging one ton of Φ12 steel is 730,000, and the number of one ton of Φ14 ceramic balls is 1.48 million, doubled. Although a ceramic ball is 70% of the steel forging, the two ceramic balls are 140%. Therefore, the grinding capacity of one ton of ceramic balls is 1.4 times that of steel forging. Φ4.2×13m mill tail 155t steel forging, after all the ceramic balls are replaced, the silo grinding efficiency is increased by 40%. The efficiency of the grinding system is increased by 15-20%. This is a very impressive amount of data.

The existing 4.3m×13m tube mill adopts the ceramic ball and idles the motor power of 1000kw-1400. The steel forging mill 1t steel forging requires 15.5kw motor power, and the ceramic grinding body 1 ton grinding body needs the motor power 11 to decrease. The diameter of the existing 4213 tube mill is changed to a ceramic grinding body at the end of the warehouse. The weight of the tailings grinding body is reduced from 160t to 90t, and the 70t grinding body can not be loaded, so the saving of the motor power of about 1100kw can increase the Ercang ceramic grinding. Body 70t. The original mill has a volume of 170?, and it is necessary to increase the mill volume by 100?. It was transformed into a 4.8m×13m mill with an effective volume of 270°. Meet the grinding body and 3550 motor power requirements.


5, improve the production time of the mill, the original system power roller press 2500 + mill 2400kw = 4900kw Taiwan 200t.

Grinding a ton of cement requires a roller press plus a motor power of 245kw. Then the use of the 3.8m × 13m cylinder will increase the reuse of 1100kw of residual motor power, to increase the production of grinding 42.5 cement machine when the production of 45t. It is equivalent to increasing the production time of 22.5% of the mill.

6. Don't think of replacing the mill barrel as a very complicated and worrying thing.

A cylinder is just a part of the mill. The 4213 mill has a cylinder of more than 1 million, but the transformation The benefit of the next year is nearly 10 million yuan.

7. Annual benefit:

45t × 24 hours × 300 days = 324,000 tons, 324,000 tons × 35kw.h / t × 0.6 = 6.8 million yuan, if the cement market allows to achieve peak power consumption, reducing the peak of 8 hours Production electricity, 8 hours × 245t / h × 35kw.h / t × 0.45 (average electricity price) × 100 days = 3.08 million yuan. The benefits are considerable and worth promoting.


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