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Three different types of crusher maintenance

Date:2019-07-29 16:19 Source:未知Views:

Many mines will continue to face declining profit margins, in part because their repair teams do not fully understand the maintenance requirements of the crushers they are responsible for.


The following list of three completely different types of crusher maintenance, regardless of the type of crusher used, it is necessary to thoroughly understand these maintenance.

1. Preventive maintenance

The implementation of preventive maintenance plan is the best way to keep the crusher in good running condition for a long time.Preventive maintenance includes regular inspections, checks and maintenance as recommended by the crusher manufacturer.

Preventive maintenance is usually set for daily (8 hours), weekly (40 hours), monthly (200 hours), annual (2,000 hours), and during the liner replacement period.After regular inspection, corresponding adjustment and replacement of worn parts should be made to avoid major crusher failure.Preventive maintenance is the key factor to maximize the life of crusher.


2. Predictive maintenance

This refers to the use of existing predictive maintenance tool to condition monitoring of running crusher, including but not limited to: lubricating oil temperature sensor or temperature, oil pressure sensor or pressure gauge, oil filter, oil filter tank status indicator, crusher, light cone rotating inertia parking time, lubricating oil analysis report, the crusher drive motor power readings, vibration sensor readings and crusher operation log.

These predictive maintenance tools help to master the normal operation status or parameters of the crusher.Once the normal operation status or parameters are determined, when any data collected is inconsistent with the normal data, we can know that the crusher is out of order and needs to be further checked.

In this way, before the breaker failure, you can order good parts in advance, arrange the manpower.It is generally considered cost-effective to carry out crusher maintenance based on abnormal operating conditions.

3. Passive maintenance

Ignore the above preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance, let the crusher continue to operate, do not take measures to correct abnormal conditions, until the crusher really broke down.This "always use bad", "no bad no repair" attitude, is to save the mine short-term expenditure, but it led to a huge crusher maintenance costs and production interruption, every small problem will snowball and continue to expand, will eventually cause catastrophic crusher failure.

4. Benefits of well-planned maintenance

Years of evidence show that if preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance are neglected, the crusher will have low opening rate, high operating cost and shortened service life.The implementation of preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance is the key factor to extend or maximize the service life of the crusher.Some mines have substantial annual profits to offset the ongoing and unnecessary replacement costs of crusher components, as well as the loss of revenue due to crusher failures and prolonged downtime.At best, such mines make a small profit, far less than they should.At worst, they could face financial ruin.


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