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The requirement of lime mill for discharging degree in cement factory

Date:2019-06-18 11:53 Source:未知Views:

Cement factory production links mainly by crusher, grinding machine, ultra-fine grinding, screening equipment.At present, there are two kinds of common grinding machines on the market: trapezoidal grinding machine and high pressure European version grinding machine.There is a range of size size of limestone mill, according to the specific process requirements of the fineness of the powder, we often choose superfine LUM vertical mill grinding limestone, the size of the output is 400-650.

Cement plants need to use the materials after limestone grinding powder, limestone material size is also a strict requirement, and high pressure grinding machine has the function of material size convenient adjustment, and through high pressure grinding machine processing.At present, with the rapid development of the machinery manufacturing industry, relative to the requirements of raw materials are also snapshot grinding mill * liming for you to analyze the reasons affecting the output particle size of equipment liming machinery co., LTD.For many customers who buy a mill, they tend to choose equipment based on the size of the primary standard, the output of the requirements.120 mesh limestone grinding machine is a grinding machine with the particle size of limestone grinding up to 120 objective, also known as Raymond grinding machine. It is a widely used grinding equipment in the grinding industry, suitable for more than 100 kinds of ore, such as marble, limestone, dolomite, etc.


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