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The problems need to be paid attention to in the run-in period of crushing equipment

Date:2019-10-31 15:53 Source:cementepcViews:

After the installation of the crusher, before the formal production, to ensure that the equipment can operate normally.And the new production of crushing equipment must go through a period of run-in to achieve better production results.The problems need to be paid attention to in the run-in period of crushing equipment.

1. Material input should be appropriate


The amount of material should not be too much, about 80% of the actual production.Because in the early use of the crusher, due to the impact of parts processing, assembly and other factors, the equipment surface is relatively rough, uneven surface pressure state.The surface of the parts can be rubbed together to accelerate the wear of the parts.Therefore, running-in period wear speed is fast, if overload operation, then the possible damage of knife parts, early failure.

2. Pay attention to lubrication


Due to the small gap between the newly put into production crusher, the lubricating oil is not easy to form an even oil film on the friction surface to reduce wear, thus reducing the lubrication efficiency, resulting in abnormal wear in the early morning, leading to the occurrence of faults.

3. Understand product performance and equipment structure


Fully understand the performance of the broken products and the structure of the crusher, reduce the fault caused by operational errors.In the early application of the equipment, due to the influence of vibration load and other factors, it is easy to loosen the originally fastened parts.Therefore, before using the crusher, operators should know the structure and performance of the equipment in advance to reduce the problems caused by improper operation.

The run-in period of the equipment is a very important stage at the beginning of the use of the equipment. In this stage, if the equipment can be well maintained, the service life of parts and equipment will be greatly extended.


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