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The output of spring cone crusher is not up to standard

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Most users who choose spring cone crusher are aiming at high yield and high efficiency. If the output of spring cone crusher does not meet your expected requirements, you may wonder whether the manufacturer cheated you.This may not be the case, but you may have overlooked some of these issues with the device.

1. No-load test


After installation, the cone of spring breakage should be tested for empty load to check whether the installation meets the requirements. If improper places are found, timely repair should be conducted. Direct load operation cannot be carried out for rapid production.

1.1 check the tightness of the main joints before starting the crusher.

1.2 before starting, rotate the crusher by hand, at least make the air eccentric shaft rotate 2 to 3 that there is no jam, and then drive.

1.3 before the crusher starts, the oil pump should be started first, and the crusher can only be started when the lubricating oil is available at each lubrication point and the oil flows back to the box.

1.4 the idling test shall run continuously for no less than 2 hours.

1.5 if the crushing cone speed exceeds 15 RPM, stop immediately for inspection and correction.At the same time check the oil supply, and then retry the machine.

1.6 if the bevel gear has periodic noise, it must check the correctness of gear installation and check the gear clearance.

cone crusher

2. Load test


The load test shall be carried out continuously for two days and nights (short stopping inspection is allowed).Start with a small amount of ore, then gradually increase to full load.Load tests must meet the following requirements:

A. No sharp vibration and noise of the crusher

B. The mine feeding and discharging of the crusher are normal

C. Hydraulic station works normally.

D. No damage to worn parts.

E. Electrical equipment works normally.

F. The following requirements for lubrication system:

A) the oil pressure ranges from 0.08 to 0.15mpa.

B) oil return temperature shall not exceed 50℃


3. Matters needing attention in work

3.1 the ore must be fed in the middle of the distributing tray (as shown in the figure below). It is not allowed to directly feed the ore into the crushing cavity.Otherwise, the crusher will overload, so that the lining is not uniform wear.

cone crusher


The correct conditions are:

A) the ore is evenly dispersed in the crushing cavity through the distribution plate.

B) the ore should not be fed above the level of the mortar wall.

3.2 the maximum feeding size of the crusher shall not equal to the size of the feeding mouth (the maximum size of the feeding block ≤85%)

3.3 the crusher is not allowed to start under load, which will definitely cause accidents.

3.4 when stopping the crusher, the ore must be stopped first and the ore that has entered the crushing chamber must be broken and discharged before stopping the crusher.

3.5 the crusher shall frequently check the pressure of the lubrication system, oil temperature and other working conditions of the lubrication station during work, and check the pressure of the locking system to timely deal with problems found.

3.6 the main parts of the crusher will be damaged if the crusher often passes through the unbreakable object or the unbreakable object stays in the broken cavity for a long time during working.Therefore, the user must take measures to prevent unbreakable objects from entering the crushing.At present, the main shaft fracture is mainly due to the broken cavity into a large piece of metal, insurance spring lost the role of the spindle load caused by a sharp increase.

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