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The difference between rod mill and overflow ball mill

Date:2019-07-15 09:32 Source:未知Views:

The working principle of rod mill and ball mill is the same, both drive the cylinder to rotate through the transmission device, and lift the grinding medium to a certain height for dropping. Under the action of friction force and centrifugal force, the material is impacted, ground and squeezed, so as to achieve the effect of grinding fine material.

But there are many differences:

1, the rod mill commonly used diameter of 50-100mm steel rod as the grinding medium, while the ball mill used steel ball as the grinding medium.The loading amount of the rod is about 35%-45% of the effective volume of the rod mill. When observed with naked eyes, the horizontal plane of the rod is about 100-200mm below the center line of the cylinder.

2. The ratio between the length and diameter of the barrel of the rod mill is generally 1.5-2.0, and the inner surface of the lining plate on the end cover should be a vertical plane.The ratio of cylinder length to diameter of ball mill is small, and in most cases the ratio is only slightly greater than 1.

3, the rod mill does not use grid plate drainage, but the use of overflow, open type drainage;The diameter of hollow shaft neck is larger than that of ball mill of the same specification.The rotating speed of the barrel of the rod mill should be lower than that of the ball mill of the same specification, so that the medium within it is in the state of falling.


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