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Technical renovation of cement mill

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The cement mill is a dual-bin mill, the effective length of the first bin is 3.5m, the effective length of the second bin is 8.5m, the screening between the first bin and the second bin is a double-layer compartment, the first bin USES groove step liner, the second bin USES small corrugated liner, and the second bin is provided with 4 rings of activation ring.In the production process, it is found that the effective grinding space is wasted in the second bin of the ball mill due to the restriction of the double-layer compartments.At the same time, cement mill has occurred many times of channeling silo accidents, each channeling silo needs to be inverted silo screen ball, not only affect the stability of the process system, but also seriously affect the normal production.

1. Comprehensive technical transformation and upgrading of cement grinding


1.1 technical improvement scheme to solve the waste of effective grinding space in the second bin


1.1.1 cause analysis of the waste of limited grinding space in the second bin of ball mill

In the front barn of the ball mill, the material enters the double-layer compartment plate, is lifted to a certain height by the hoisting plate, and after the height difference is formed, it is discharged from the center into the back barn.Under the action of hoisting plate and guide cone, the material has a certain impact force. At the same time, due to central ventilation, the material is mixed with the wind, and the material is dropped into a distance behind the second compartment board by the central wind belt in the falling process, thereby reducing the effective grinding space of the ball (segment) material

1.1.2 technical modification scheme to solve the waste of effective grinding space in the second bin

To improve the grinding space in the second bin of the ball mill, add a material guide cone to the side of the second bin of the double-layer compartment plate. The material guide cone consists of a ∅1400mm, 300mm thick circular steel plate, a ∅l030mm, 200mm thick circular steel plate, and a 370mm thick annular sealing steel plate.12 holes of 140mm×150mm are cut on the second round steel plate with a thickness of 300mm and the annular steel plate with a thickness of 370mm respectively for materials to pass through.The wind passes through the center, the material passes through the steel plate hole, the material and the air flow no longer mix each other, the material can directly arrive at the steel ball side behind the compartment plate, to ensure that the length of the grinding compartment is optimized, and obtain the most effective grinding effect.

1.2 solve the technical transformation scheme of steel ball channeling warehouse for ball mill


1.2.1 cause analysis of cement mill channeling

The company's cement mill (∅4.2m×13m) make a batch of balls in one barn, the specifications for the ∅20mm, ∅25mm, ∅30mm, ∅40mm;The original steel sections in the second bin shall be a ∅16mm×18mm, ∅14mm×16mm, ∅12mm×14mm, and ∅10mm×12mm.Cement mill by double storehouse board insulation between the sieve plate to ensure that don't leap into the storehouse, but because of the isolation system storehouse board a warehouse side grate plate and sieve plate has a 8 mm spacing between steel ball into which the ball once inside, not only wear screen mesh, screen mesh and get stuck into two pieces, make cock of sieve plate, steel or ceramic ball from sieve plate wear and cock in warehouse.

1.2.2 solve the technical modification scheme of steel ball channeling warehouse of ball mill

(1) ensure that the steel ball does not enter between the grate plate and the sieve mesh plate in a warehouse, so as to prevent the steel ball from wearing the sieve mesh plate or causing the sieve mesh plate to become warped.

(2) into the ball in order to ensure a grate plate and between the screen mesh, and shall not affect the double storehouse board of ventilation and insulation material ability, in the center of a warehouse side grate plate with fixed screen plate, between the lateral retaining ring welding ∅ 10 mm round steel, prevents the steel ball into, at the same time as a storehouse of minimum steel ball ∅ 20 mm, to make about 17 mm in the gaps between the two round steel, to ensure that the ball is not into the grate plate and between the screen mesh, screen mesh to avoid wear caused by the warehouse.

2. To su​mmarize

Through the comprehensive technical upgrading of cement grinding, the company successfully solved the problems of effective grinding space waste in the second bin of the ball mill, steel ball channeling bin of the ball mill and so on, and greatly improved the working conditions and production quality of the mill.


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