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Solution of excessive wear of roller system positioning device in roller press

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The specification of the roller press is 160/140, the installed power is 2×1120kW, the overall operation of the roller press is good, and the output of the system is stable.After one year of operation of the equipment, the positioning device of the roll system appeared to wear too fast. After continuous optimization and improvement, we summarized the solution of wearing too fast for the positioning device of the roll system of the roller press.

roller press

1 problems existing in the equipment

In the long-term use process, the roller press appears the problem of fast wear of the sliding key device of the floating roller axial orientation, which causes the roller axial movement towards the end of the reducer and the bearing seat of the movable end towards the inside of the frame.Due to the movement caused by wear and tear, the end face of the two rollers is at most 5 ~ 8mm different, the average gap deviation of the roller is about 12mm, frequent deviation correction during operation, the current fluctuation is as high as 23A, the overall work is insufficient, the material extrusion effect is not good, and the output is reduced.In this case, it is usually necessary to replace the bearing seat locating slip key device.

When changing, it is necessary to lift the moving roller as a whole from 300 to 500mm. The sliding key should be replaced in this narrow area, so the operating space is limited and unsafe factors exist.Even if the skilled staff is replaced, the whole maintenance process will take 72 hours to complete.This to the cement enterprise that produces busy season, because cement is out of stock, can affect market sale.Therefore, we will deal with the sliding key during the annual overhaul to avoid abnormal shutdown caused by the abrasion of the sliding key.


2 Structural modification of axial positioning sliding key device

The pressing plate is made of stainless steel and welded with the frame.The slider base is welded with the bearing seat.The slider and the base are sliding together and fixed together with fixing bolts.The anti-friction plate is ptfe, 8mm thick, connected with the slide block with nylon screw and AB glue, and processed oil injection hole.The center of the grinding plate is coincident with the center of the original sliding key shaft, and a 0.5mm gap is reserved between the grinding plate and the pressing plate. This gap can ensure that the bearing seat is flexible when 20ram deviation occurs in the roller seam, and the main bearing will not bear additional force.

roller press

During operation, grease is added between the friction plate and the pressure plate. When the friction plate is worn, loosen the fixing bolt, remove the slider from the base and replace the friction plate with a new one.The whole maintenance process only takes 2h or so, and the anti-friction plate can be replaced at any time to ensure the positioning effect. Each anti-friction plate can be used for about 4 months.

3 transformation effect

roller press

After the transformation, the deviation of roller gap was reduced from 12mm to 5mm, and the current fluctuation range was reduced from 23A to about 10A, and the average current was increased by 6-8a compared with the original. The overall work was significantly improved, and the output of the system was also increased accordingly.The whole replacement process only needs about 2h, without the whole lifting roller system, which is convenient and fast.After replacing the locating sliding key device, the roller press itself runs steadily, which reduces the occurrence of faults in other parts, reduces the downtime of equipment faults, reduces the maintenance input, and creates favorable conditions for the enterprise to reduce costs and increase efficiency.


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