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Safe operation of sand dryer

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Sand drying machine is a kind of drying machine which can dry a variety of materials and operate simply and reliably. It is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, food, light industry, chemical industry, coal, medicine and mining industries due to its reliable operation, strong adaptability and large processing capacity.It's widely used.Deeply loved by users.

To make the dryer safer to use, to do the following:

1. The sand drying machine must be manned and operated.Operators must be familiar with the machine's structure, performance, operating system, sand supply system, transmission system, heating system, protective device, dust removal system, lubrication parts, electrical and other basic knowledge and operation methods.

2. Wear labor protection articles as required before operation.Operators must wear face masks.

3. Before starting up, check whether there is any foreign matter in the sand lifting machine and sand feeding funnel, whether the sand unloading door is closed tightly and firmly, and whether the zero connection of electrical protection is reliable.

4. After inspection, the operator starts the machine idling and checks whether there is any abnormal situation and sound in the operation of various parts of the sand drying machine. Only after all parts are normal can the machine work.

5. The processing operation must be concentrated.It is forbidden to leave the post when the equipment is running.It is forbidden to enter the sand supply funnel and sand discharge funnel area during operation.Sand feeding pit of sand removing machine must be stopped;Must stop when leaving the equipment, should turn off the power for a long time.

6. When the machine breaks down or there is abnormal noise, stop the machine in time to check and deal with it.If it cannot be handled, timely report to maintenance personnel for treatment. After treatment, fill in the daily maintenance records of equipment and the records of downtime.All electrical faults are strictly forbidden to operators.

7. At the end of processing or off work, clean the site and wipe the equipment according to the maintenance requirements of the equipment at the end of the shift.Fill in the record of the operation table of the sand dryer.If there is a change of shift, it is necessary to explain the operation of the machine to the successor.

8. Maintenance content: thoroughly clean up the dirt;Wipe the equipment thoroughly;Inspect sand extractor, heating system, sand drying mechanism and dust removal system.


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