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Replacement method of wearing parts of impact crusher

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Impact crusher is the sand production line and the crushing line in common use of the crushing equipment, known for its product grain type, want to impact crusher long-term stable service for you, do a good job of equipment maintenance is very important.Replacement method of wearing parts of impact crusher.

impact crusher

When replacing wearing parts, open them first and put them on the shelf.Impact crusher adopts screw or hydraulic capping device.When using, first remove the connecting bolts between the racks, then both sides of the two people operate the handle on the flap device at the same time, slowly open the rear upper rack, replace the wearing parts, use the flap device again, repeat the above process, that is, close it and put it on the shelf.

In the impact crusher, the plate hammer and the impact plate are the main wearing parts. The following are the replacement and installation methods of the plate hammer and the impact plate:


1. Replace the plate hammer

impact crusher

When the plate hammer is worn to a certain extent, it should be adjusted or replaced in time to avoid damage of fasteners and other parts of the impact crusher.

Open the rear shelf with a screw or hydraulic flap.Turn the rotor by hand and transfer the board hammer that needs to be adjusted or replaced to the access door, then secure the rotor with a safety device.Remove the plate hammer positioning parts: first remove the positioning baffle of the impact crusher, loosen the bolt group, and remove the serial Numbers 2 and 3 in turn. Finally, use the holes at both ends of the hammer head to lift out the hammer head, turn it around, and then press the hammer head in turn.

Special attention should be paid to plate hammers of similar weight installed in relative positions to avoid unbalanced operation.Serious vibration will greatly affect the bearing life of impact crusher.The equipment is not working properly.


2. Replace the counter plate

Impact crusher impact plate

(1) after opening the upper frame, remove the nuts and bolts used to fix the impact liner, and replace the impact liner after the impact crusher wears out.If a new counter liner is installed, reverse the above steps.

(2) all adjustment liners should be opened and put on the shelf. All liners are allowed to be interchanged in areas with heavier wear and areas with lighter wear.When a piece of liner is worn out only on one side, it can rotate 90° or 180° and continue to be used. If the material is found to be overstocked on the counter rack and stuck on the counter rack, the washer and bolt pad can be used behind the counter rack lining on the side and the gap can be reduced to avoid this phenomenon.

Correct installation is the premise to ensure efficient production of impact crusher.After the installation is completed, it is necessary to check the impact crusher (whether there is any foreign body and material in the crusher, whether the fastener is firm, etc.) and test (empty load and load test) to ensure normal production can begin.


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