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Replacement method of hammer crusher rotor

Date:2019-08-07 15:49 Source:未知Views:

It is very important to change the rotor technique of crusher, today small make up to hammer crusher for example!Share with you the crusher rotor replacement method!

Hammer crusher is a crushing crusher that directly crushes materials with a maximum particle size of 600-1800 mm to 25 mm or less.Hammer crusher rotor mainly consists of spindle, hammer disc, hammer head, hammer shaft, spacer, locking device, bearing, bearing seat, sealing device, belt pulley, etc., among which the rotor spindle is the most important, hammer crusher rotor spindle is equipped with a flat key, two disks, spacer, rocker arm and gear and circular ring hammer.


But in the daily production of hammer crusher rotor will appear such or such problems as:

1, the hammer crusher rotor initial imbalance.

2, hammer crusher rotor spindle deformation, bending, unbalanced.Reason: probably because of the long time broken operation.

3, hammer crusher rotor hammer head repair and replacement.Reason: hammer crusher hammer wear quickly, use a long time, natural need to replace.

Attention: hammer crusher hammer head arrangement is in strict accordance with a certain weight ratio to carry out, some hammer head serious wear, rotor rotation will appear serious imbalance, resulting in damage to machinery and equipment, affecting production efficiency.

4, hammer crusher rotor bearing wear, etc.When the hammer crusher rotor once the above several conditions need to be replaced, then how to replace it?

1, rotor and counter liner clearance adjustment.

When the slag crusher rotor is in operation, the clearance between the rotor and the counter liner cannot be adjusted.If the material is deposited in blocks between the counter plate and the plate shell, the counter frame can be raised slightly before the clearance is readjust, so that the incoming material of the block will become loose, and the counter frame can be easily adjusted.

2. Replacement of wearing parts.

When replacing wearing parts, first open and then put on shelves, and then remove the connecting bolts of the upper shelf and the middle box body, and then slowly open the upper shelf.

3. Replace the board hammer.

First, use the clamshell device to open the shelves, and then turn the rotor by hand, to adjust or replace the plate hammer to the access door, and then fix the rotor.

4, counter liner replacement.

After opening the upper cover, remove the cotter pin, slotted nut and bolt used to fix the counter liner, and replace the counter liner after wear.

5, liner adjustment.

Adjusting the lining board of slag crusher shall be opened and then put on the shelf. All lining boards are allowed to be exchanged in areas with heavy wear and areas with light wear.


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