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Operation of ball mill test run

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After the ball mill is installed and has passed the inspection, it can run empty.In the test run should be responsible for the skilled operators, and strictly abide by the test operation rules of the ball mill, the following describes the operation of the ball mill test.

First of all, the ball mill should be empty load test, its empty load test continuous running time is not less than 12-24 hours, problems found in the operation should be promptly solved.After the empty load test is normal, the load test can be carried out.However, the load test should be carried out in stages, and feeding should be carried out according to the discharge of the ball mill to avoid unnecessary wear and damage of the steel ball and the lining plate of the cylinder.

During the ball mill load test, the length of the test run time is related to the steel balls added to the ball mill. If appropriate materials and 1/3 quantity of steel balls are added, the test run will be about 12-24 hours, and the run time will be about 24-48 hours for 2/3 quantity of steel balls.In addition, according to the discharging situation of the ball mill and the output of qualified products, as well as the actual ball loading quantity of the ball mill, the test run of no less than 72 hours shall be conducted again.

The cooling and lubrication system should work normally in the test run of the ball mill.Main bearing, transmission bearing, reducer temperature should be normal.The main bearing temperature is not allowed to exceed 50 degrees.After the test run, the operator should check the parts of the ball mill and make all records.


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