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Notes for preheater system construction

Date:2019-07-18 15:15 Source:未知Views:

Preheater system is the equipment to realize the gradual heating process of raw material, which is composed of a series of cyclone tube, connecting pipe, blanking pipe, air pipe and three times air pipe.Its construction workload accounts for more than half of the total kiln lining workload, and all of them are castable, and the location is high, the construction difficulty is greater, the construction should pay attention to the following:

1. During the construction of the blanking pipe, firstly weld the anchoring parts in accordance with the position and distance required in the drawing, hammer them into place, and wrap them with rubber cloth or brush with asphalt paint.

2. The place that needs to stick calcium silicate board, stick good with binder, brush waterproof agent on the surface of calcium silicate board.

3. Lining is in a top-down order when it is laid, but also in accordance with design requirements for brick mortar cracks below 2 mm.

4. In the construction, we should pay special attention to the conical part, the changing diameter part, the bending part and the cover part, which are complex in shape and varied in size, so as to prevent leakage shock, cavity and surface non-smooth phenomenon.

5. All kinds of reserved inspection holes should be set accurately during construction, and no omission shall be allowed.

6. For the blanking pipe, all kinds of gate valves, hole covers, hole doors, connectors and expansion joints, they should be removed in advance and installed on the platform or on the ground after construction.

7. All taper or slope parts, its inclined wall surface slope is accurate, slope lining surface is straight and smooth, avoid undulating steps or gaps.

8. The heat insulation layer before the pouring material on the top cover of the construction preheater shall be bonded to the shell with binder in advance, and it shall be bound and reinforced with iron wire to prevent it from falling off when vibrating the pouring material.


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