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Multi-cylinder cone crusher high oil return temperature solution

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Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is widely used in sand and stone aggregate and mining industry, especially in medium and hard material medium and fine crushing processing system.Multi-cylinder hydraulic conical broken lubricating oil is used for lubrication and heat dissipation.But when abnormal, multi - cylinder hydraulic cone broken lubricating oil is used for lubrication and heat dissipation.

1. Oil return temperature is an important parameter for the broken operation of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone

Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

Computer and program real-time monitoring.In winter, when the temperature of oil tank of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is lower than 20°C, the heater should be opened and the heater should be turned off at 25°C.Do not start the crusher if the return oil temperature is lower than 17°C.In summer, when the return oil temperature is higher than 45°C, the radiator opens and closes when the temperature drops to 40°C. When the return oil temperature rises to 55°C, an alarm will be sent indicating the high return oil temperature.If return oil temperature and feed linkage, the system automatically stop feeding.When the return oil temperature reaches 60°C, the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher stops and the system stops feeding.

2. The key to control the oil return temperature of the crusher

Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

The key to control the oil return temperature of the crusher is to control the ambient temperature and effectively dissipate heat.In order to ensure the heat dissipation effect of lubricating oil, the amount of oil passing through the crusher must be up to 200L/min.Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher standard with air cooling radiator, the key is to have good air circulation, and radiator suction air for low temperature air.

If the site cannot provide a better heat dissipation environment, but the water source is sufficient, the air cooling radiator broken by multi-cylinder hydraulic cone can be replaced with water cooling radiator, or a water cooling device can be installed in parallel with the water flow of 200L/min.Compared with air cooling, water cooling can provide better cooling effect, but water cooling conditions are not available in many equipment sites due to water shortage and other factors.

The most critical thing is that we should solve the solution according to the actual situation of the site, so as to achieve the maximum efficiency.


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