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Moving crusher crushing speed

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Granite, as a particularly common rock, is often used as raw material for crushing and sand making. Especially in recent years, due to the shortage of natural river sand, the market demand for mechanical sand keeps increasing. Granite crushing is very popular as the base material for building and granite sand making.

Mobile crusher, also known as vehicle-mounted mobile stone crusher, stone-crusher, set crushing, screening, feeding, transportation and other systems as one, is users can "walking crusher" flexible work, walking freely, crushing more than 1000 tons of granite in 4 hours easily, strength bar drop.

1. Simple production line and fast production

General crushing production line is large, fixed operation, need some time to install and debug before production, mobile crushing station can directly form a small crushing production line, fast into production

2. Simple or miscellaneous, switch at will

Mobile crusher itself can form a simple production line, can achieve crushing, transportation, screening, crushing operation of one can reach more than one equipment, also can be combined production according to different production requirements, according to the situation switch.

3. Easy to move and stop when you walk

The biggest feature of the moving stone crusher is that it is not limited by the site, eliminating the tedious steel frame structure and foundation construction when broken, no need to be fixed and installed, especially suitable for some narrow work site, and the construction environment is restricted occasions, when walking stop, fast and convenient.


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