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Mobile double - stage crusher

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The mobile crusher is specially designed for crushing sand and stone, also known as coal gangue hammer.The new coal gangue crusher is mainly used to crush the cinder, slag, shale, coal gangue, construction waste and other materials of brick and tile.

mobile crusher

Product features:

1. The advantages of mobile dual-stage crusher are that it can be moved, flexible combination and strong applicability.

2 mobile crusher does not have any requirements for the moisture content of the material, because the mobile crusher design is no sun and screen, can crush the high moisture content of the material, crushing viscous material will not occur blockage.There is no problem of blocking the sieve plate, no problem of material not being discharged in time, no problem of repeated crushing, high crushing efficiency, and no phenomenon of invalid hammer head wear.

3. This series of mobile crushers USES two levels of crushing, the material after the superior rotor crushing into the lower rotor crushing again, the material in the cavity to form hammer powder, and then discharge directly from the outlet.Mobile crusher material size is also very uniform.

4 mobile crusher hammer head with train wheel forging forging, and then the hammer head through hot processing, enhance wear resistance and toughness.More suitable for different hardness of materials wear resistance.

5 the hammerhead does not need to be repaired after wear and tear. The moving position can be used repeatedly. One hammerhead can be used for three hammerheads.

6. The crusher has changed the traditional grease nozzle oil injection mode to the centralized oil injection mode, which can realize non-stop oil injection.

7 crusher since the disk all through the heat treatment, so that the wear - resistant life of the disk greatly increased, changed the previous hard to repair the disk, without wear - resistant major defects.

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