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Mobile crusher belt adjustment

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The triangular belt of the moving crusher is not suitable for operation in the environment higher than 60℃.Pulley wheel hole have crack, groove gap or groove surface has serious wear and tear of time should be timely replacement, created serious wear belt and belt and groove bottom contact, belt aging, crack or plastic distortion situation should carry on the corresponding change, and the same belt on the pulley should change at the same time.

1. Belt of crusher appears to slip

In order to prevent mobile crusher belt skidding phenomenon, should be used with belt wax or belt oil daub on the work surface of the belt, but generally do not use, such as belt skidding phenomenon can increase the tension of the belt.Keep belt and pulley clean and tidy to prevent dust invasion.

2. Belt use

Triangle belts produced by different factories or with different degrees of old and new cannot be used in the same group, and belts of different specifications and models cannot be replaced by each other.Belts should be protected from direct contact with acid, alkali, diesel, oil, gasoline, etc., as well as direct exposure to the sun.Mobile crusher belt in operation can not be too tight or too loose, so the belt should be adjusted at any time.

3. Use of blade

The blades in the moving crusher are made of super-strength alloy knives.This kind of blade is meshing blade, forming a pair of roller type, when the metal enters into the mobile crusher, the roller moves opposite to each other, tearing the metal block.When unable to tear apart time, mobile crusher equipment will be intelligent rotation, will spit out the raw materials, in the head bite.Until the metal pieces are shredded into small pieces and can be discharged from the discharge port, the above shredding operation shall be carried out from scratch for the materials that cannot meet the requirements.

In the material into the shredding warehouse at the time, mobile crushing machine intelligent from the thin position of the material to tear, and so on, until the material the most hard parts completely shred stop.Different types of mobile crusher equipment use different blade diameter.In principle, as long as the material size (length, width) does not exceed the size of the tray, it can easily tear up the material.


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