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Maintenance of heavy hammer crusher

Date:2019-07-30 15:52 Source:未知Views:

Heavy hammer crusher, as a representative of high-output crushing equipment, has the characteristics of high output, low energy consumption, simple structure, convenient maintenance and so on.Is designed for small and medium-sized investors research and development of less investment, quick effect of the stone production equipment, although the hammer crusher investment cost is low, but if too "tired" will strike, today small series summed up the hammer crusher maintenance criteria, look together to value hammer crusher is how to maintain it!

1. Operation method

Reasonable operation and use method can not only improve the production efficiency, but also extend the service life of the product, so we should strictly follow the equipment instructions to operate.

2. Regular inspection

The equipment should be regularly inspected according to the characteristics of the incoming rock.

3. Degree of wear

Check the wear and tear of transmission belt regularly to ensure the normal operation.

4.Motor bearing

Check motor bearing regularly to improve crushing efficiency and reduce dust pollution.

5. Clean up the broken cavity

After using heavy hammer crusher to periodically clean the broken cavity.

6. Vulnerable parts

Vulnerable parts to regular inspection, if found wear and tear to timely replacement, to try to ensure the same weight.

7. Dust removal equipment

If conditions allow, also can purchase professional dust removal equipment, reduce dust pollution.


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