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Jaw crusher is commonly used in production

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Sand and stone crushing industry has always been concerned about the industry, its main characteristics are less investment, quick effect.At present, due to the national infrastructure construction investment projects, sand and gravel manufacturers gradually increase investment.In the current economic downturn, investment in sand is also a good choice.Jaw crusher is the most widely used equipment in sand and stone production.

1. Features of jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is one of the most commonly used crushing equipment in industrial and mining production.Mainly used for crushing and coarse crushing of materials with compressive strength not exceeding 320MPa.It has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, high yield, uniform product size, simple structure, reliable operation, simple maintenance and low operating cost.The crusher has been widely used in mining, smelting, building materials, highways, railways, water conservancy and other departments.

2. Structure of jaw crusher

The structure of jaw crusher is mainly composed of frame, eccentric shaft, large belt wheel, flywheel, movable jaw, side guard plate, bracket, bracket back seat, gap adjusting screw, reset spring, fixed jaw plate, movable jaw plate, etc., in which bracket also plays a safety role.

3. Production process

In the working process of jaw crusher, the upper end of the movable jaw is suspended directly on the eccentric shaft.Crank connecting rod mechanism is the connecting rod of crank connecting rod mechanism, which is directly driven by eccentricity of eccentric shaft.The lower end of the movable jaw is hinged with a thrust plate to support the back wall of the frame.When the eccentric axis rotates, the trajectory of each point on the movement clamp is gradually reduced from the circumference of the suspension point (radius equals to eccentricity) to an ellipse, and the lower the ellipse is, the more the ellipse deviates, until the trajectory of the connection point between the lower part and the channel.Because the movement path of each point on the motor jaw is complex, it is called the complex swing jaw crusher.

Compared with simple pendulum crusher, compound pendulum jaw crusher has the advantages of light weight, few components, compact structure, good filling degree of crushing chamber, even crushing of filling block, and forced release of finished products at the lower end.Because the movable jaw is more productive than the single-pendulum jaw crusher of the same specification, 20-30% higher than the single-pendulum jaw crusher;The lower part of the movable jaw can roll up and down, which is easy to unload in the form of cube.


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