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Introduction of the use of rod mill

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The rod mill is named for the steel bar, which is loaded by the grinding body in the cylinder body. The rod mill is usually wet overflow type, which can be used as a first-stage open-circuit grinding, widely used in the first-stage grinding of artificial stone sand, concentrator, chemical plant power department.

USES of rod mill:

1, tungsten and tin ore and other rare metal ore heavy separation or magnetic separation plant, in order to prevent the damage caused by over-crushing, often use rod mill;

2. When the second stage grinding process is used, if the first stage grinding is from 20 ~ 6 mm to 3 ~ 1 mm, when the rod grinding is used as the first stage grinding equipment, the production capacity is larger and the efficiency is higher.Because the surface area of rod load of a certain weight is much smaller than that of ball load of the same weight, the productivity and efficiency of rod grinding are lower than that of ball grinding in the second stage of fine grinding.

3, in some cases can replace the short head cone crushing machine for mincing.When dealing with soft or not too hard ores (especially those with high viscosity), grinding 19 -- 25 mm (even 32 mm) ores to 6 -- 10 mesh with rod mill is simpler than using short head cone crusher and screen into closed circuit configuration, lower cost, and can simplify dust removal in the crushing workshop.For hard ore, it may be more economical to close the circuit with short head cone crusher and sieve.It is necessary to make a plan according to the specific situation to determine whether the ball mill or rod mill should be used in the design.

Rod mill is widely used in metal and non-metal mines and water conservancy, building materials departments grinding various ores or rocks.


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