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Intermittent ball mill product advantages

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Intermittent ball mill is a grinding equipment, and continuous grinding ball mill is different, intermittent ball mill is one-time charge, and grinding equipment.With stop and speed adjustment function, safe work, easy operation.Intermittent ball mill product advantages.

1. Intermittent ball mill function introduction

Intermittent ball mill

(1) intermittent ball mill feed convenient, fighters feed mouth, one-time feed more.

(2) grinding time design, numerical control display, cumulative timing control function, simple operation.

(3) CNC speed adjustment, according to the intermittent ball mill charging, self-adjustment speed, different models of intermittent ball mill have a certain speed requirements, according to the actual production of a reasonable choice of speed.

(4) with a direct transmission structure, the helical gear reducer is driven by an electric motor. The output hollow shaft of the reducer is directly covered on the drive shaft of the grinding ball tank, and equipped with a starting impact cushion of the reducer.It has the characteristics of large transmission torque, high mechanical efficiency and smooth starting, and avoids the trouble caused by frequent adjustment of transmission belt.


2. Intermittent ball mill product advantages

Intermittent ball mill

(1) the intermittent ball mill can be produced not only by the wet method but also by the dry and wet method.

(2) the intermittent ball mill can also be pulverized and dried at the same time.

(3) the intermittent ball mill also has a lot of large equipment different models, to meet the intermittent ball mill efficiency and cost of comprehensive consideration.

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