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Impact crusher plate hammer of 2 shapes and 3 fixed ways

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The plate hammer is an important part of the impact crusher. When the material enters the impact area of the plate hammer, it is broken by the high-speed impact of the plate hammer and is thrown to the impact plate installed on the top of the rotor to be broken again, and then it is bounced from the impact lining plate to the impact area of the plate hammer to be broken again.It can be seen that the board hammer has direct contact with the material.The shape of the plate hammer and the way it is fixed have some influence on the crushing.Impact crusher plate hammer of 2 shapes and 3 fixed ways.

1. Two shapes of plate hammer of impact crusher

Impact crusher plate hammer

At present, the shape of the board hammer on the market is mostly divided into two kinds, one is linear board hammer, one is crescent shape board hammer.Crescent shape plate hammer has more advantages, because it can ensure that the material vertical impact, impact force is greater, high crushing efficiency.The impact surface is also larger and more durable than a straight sheet hammer.

2. Plate hammer fixation mode of impact crusher


The plate hammer needs to be fixed on the rotor in the impact crusher. There are three ways to fix the plate hammer:

Impact crusher plate hammer

(1) bolt fixation

The plate hammer is inserted into the corresponding slot hole of the rotor axially from the side of the rotor.Because the fastening bolt is removed from the impact crusher, the reliability of the plate hammer is improved.The centrifugal inertia force generated during rotation of the plate hammer and the reaction force during impact and crushing are used to tighten the self-locking, and the rotator is easy to be worn and made into a replaceable structure, so it is easy to assemble and unload and make.

However, the bolt exposed to the surface of the blow, easy to damage, and the bolt under a large shear, once shear will cause serious accidents.


(2) the pressing plate is fixed

The plate hammer is inserted into the groove of the rotor from the side, and the two ends are compressed by pressing plate. However, this fixing method makes the plate hammer not firm enough, and the plate hammer is easy to become loose in the work. This is because the plate hammer has high processing requirements, and alloy materials such as high manganese steel are not easy to be processed.

(3) the wedge is fixed

Using wedge plate hammer fixed on the rotor way, in the work of the impact crusher under the action of centrifugal force, this fixed way to ensure that the rotor speed is faster, plate hammer fixed more firmly, and the work is reliable, disassembly is more convenient.This is a better plate hammer at present a fixed way, the most use of this fixed way.

The wedge is made of cast steel with certain toughness and plasticity, high strength and hardness, and good machinability.


3. Plate hammer installation requirements

Impact crusher

(1) the plate hammer of the impact crusher usually USES high strength high manganese steel, high chromium cast iron, alloy steel, malleable cast iron or other wear-resistant materials, high manganese steel is widely used in China.

(2) in addition to the common bar shape processing, there are t-shaped, s-shaped, working type, groove type and other shapes, and the most widely used is still the bar.

(3) the repair of plate hammer can be used for surfacing welding of wear-resistant materials in the class of carbon steel and high manganese steel.

(4) the weight difference of each plate hammer of the impact crusher shall not exceed 50g, otherwise it will seriously affect the balance of the machine.

(5) when replacing the plate hammer of the impact crusher, all the plate hammers must be removed together for face change to prevent the rotor from losing balance and the internal vibration of the crusher, resulting in production accidents.

(6) the gap between the plate hammer and the grate plate should be consistent, no more than two millimeters of error.

(7) the impact crushing machine cannot be shaken off in the process of operation because the plate hammer card is too tight, resulting in the vibration of the crusher.

(8) the number of plate hammers is related to the specification of the rotor. The larger the rotor specification is, the more plate hammers there are.


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