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Hydraulic jaw crusher is more environmentally friendly and reliable

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Hydraulic jaw crusher is a kind of environmental protection as insurance device automatically using single cylinder hydraulic device and environmentally friendly crusher equipment, compared with the hydraulic protection and broken equipment, when crusher bite to broken material at the same time, the load of the machine will rise sharply, with the hubei type of hydraulic insurance protection device broken automatic unloading, avoid sudden increase of load impact to the body components, rather than the hydraulic protection of impact crusher by large load, can make the crushing device itself to cause serious damage to the parts.

Hydraulic environmental protection jaw crusher in addition to hydraulic protection this one big characteristic, there is another big characteristic is worth talking about, that is environmental protection performance.Since the development of hydraulic environmental protection jaw crusher, it has been out of control on the road of environmental protection.

1. Less wear and tear on components

Jaw crusher of environmental protection in the face of large impact load not broken material, since the launch of its hydraulic system unloading, protect the mandibles crusher components are not strong, the equipment damage as possible lower, part wear less, change cycle is long and the indirect saving a large amount of energy resources, and due to reduced demand, cutting phenomenon occurred in a chain reaction, thus effectively protecting the natural environment.

2, durable

Hydraulic jaw crusher is environmental protection configuration of the hydraulic impact hammer and drill adopts high wear resistance, corrosion resistant materials, advanced manufacturing technology and reasonable, the key parts are disposed of in accordance with the special process of the strictly, guarantee the durability of jaw crusher, prolong the service life of equipment and replacement cycle, making the material demand is greatly reduced, save mine resources to protect the environment.

3. Green production

New jaw crusher structure design increased the movement of the hydraulic hammer, in order to improve the efficiency of crushing pass, because of the moving jaw vertical displacement is small, processing material are few excessive broken phenomenon, when moving jaw jaw plate wear is reduced, and the material too much broken phenomenon makes less useless fuel consumption is reduced, at the same time improve the lubricating oil and the effective utilization of energy, reduce waste, protect the environment.

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