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How to select ball mill lining plate?

Date:2019-09-29 17:09 Source:cementepcViews:

As with wear-resistant steel ball, lining board is also important vulnerable parts of ball mill, ball mill, plate due to the impact of the steel ball and material and grinding exfoliation, coupled with the corrosion of the pulp, while the damage, plus the mineral, lining and steel ball material, hardness and installation operation condition the influence of various factors, such as is common ball mill liner wear problem.In view of how to choose ball mill lining plate, we summarized the following experience:

Ball mill lining

1, the overall uniform hardness and structure.

2. Strong impact resistance.

3, in accordance with the requirements of cement grinding process, but also a reasonable structural design.At the same time, according to the characteristics of the ball mill abrasive and different coarse, fine bin to choose different materials.

Ball mill lining

4, low wear rate, no deformation, no breakage.

5. Feasible in production.Select such as open source wear-resistant such as advanced technology and research and development strength of manufacturers for production.

6. Technically reliable.Wear resistance should not be pursued unilaterally and comprehensive mechanical properties should not be neglected.

Ball mill lining

7. Only when scientific research, production and use are combined and scientific analysis, design, manufacturing and trial are carried out according to working conditions can good benefits be achieved.

8. Good comprehensive benefits.The ultimate purpose that USES new material is to raise economic benefit, want to analyze to consider with value project idea, cannot look the unit price of a certain material only, want to analyze to raise life, turn rate, reduce a variety of factors such as labor intensity, see integral project benefit to decide.


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