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How to cool the crusher

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Crusher is a kind of mining machinery equipment, because the crusher must work outside, and the workload is huge, in high temperature weather, equipment temperature is too high prone to failure.

1. How does the high temperature environment affect the crusher?

(1) in the high temperature environment, the crusher's own temperature will rise, easy to produce unpredictable abnormal conditions, such as sudden shutdown, sudden fracture of the main shaft and other faults;

(2) because of the principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction, high temperature will make the parts of the crusher expand, resulting in more friction and deviation at the bite of each part, not only will affect the production schedule, friction will further increase the temperature;

(3) high temperature environment will make crusher lubricating oil temperature rise, oil and viscosity decline local oil film damage, between parts of the lubrication effect and bearing capacity reduction, more than that, oil carbonization, burning tile.

2. How to cool the crusher

(1) timely clean the engine body of oil and dust, do a good job in dust prevention, ensure the engine to maintain good heat dissipation.Although some equipment now has upgraded dust control systems to reduce the probability of dust-related downtime, dust problems can become more serious in summer due to high temperatures and dry air.For example, it is necessary to check the fixed bolts of the cone broken dust sealing slip ring regularly to prevent the dust sealing and slip ring from falling off, causing a large amount of dust and ore into the body, causing crushers to be scrapped or major economic losses.

(2) check whether the cooling system and fuel system are unobstructed, and replace the aging wires, plugs, tubing, screws and tighten the fuel line to prevent fuel leakage.

(3) change the appropriate oil viscosity grade for the equipment, generally the oil viscosity grade in summer is higher than other times.Engine oil and everywhere lubricating oil need to be replaced using summer oil, oil amount is appropriate, often check whether there is oil leakage, especially fuel oil, should be timely replenishment.

(4) high temperature in summer increases the failure rate of equipment and the incidence of fire. Each machine is equipped with 1-2 fire extinguishers to prevent accidents.

(5) indoor equipment installation environment is best set in a place with good ventilation, and attention should be paid to adjusting indoor temperature, ventilation and air permeability of the surrounding environment.It is best to ensure that the working environment temperature does not exceed 40 degrees, to the crusher to maintain a good working environment.

(6) for some core parts of the equipment, check the temperature at any time during the work. If the temperature is too high, stop the machine for rest, or take some measures to reduce the temperature of the parts.Because too high temperature will easily lead to equipment aging, shorten the service life.

(7) in outdoor work crusher, generally will not be able to use lower temperature around this way, can reduce the use amount of machine, reducing power, make its heat emissions, or placed in or around the upper machine awnings, reduce the time in the sun insolates, this can be very effective in reducing the temperature of the machine.


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